Dhamma Neru Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreat Near Barcelona (Video)

Many of us have experienced different retreats or may even be thinking about taking our first yoga/holistic trip. Most of us never really get to see what really happens behind the scenesโ€ฆ the hard work that the beautiful people contribute to make our daily retreat experience happen.

If you are thinking of traveling and want to enjoy a retreat experience at the same time,ย Vipassana silent meditation retreats offer a serious way of tuning in. They have centers all across the world and do 10 day silent retreats where we experience noble silenceย and deep meditation. This documentary offers a wonderful insight to the center just outside of Barcelona atย Dhamma Neruย – enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

“Dana, or generosity, is one of the ‘perfections’ (parami) that all sincere Buddhists seek to cultivate. It is also one of the foundations on which the continuity of the Buddha’s teachings has depended down the centuries.”