Yoga Travel: 10 Yoga Events In Europe I Love ๐Ÿ’›

One of the things I love about being a yogi and a teacher is the travel! Travel is my life – As a third culture kid, the thought of going on any trip really inspires me – Combine it with yoga and it turns into one of the most life changing parts of growing into my own yoga path.

As I travel and learn through different cultures, teachers, events and the energy of each location, I am reminded that I am always a student of yoga. Yoga is lifeโ€ฆ yoga is in every waking moment and how we act/react to the energy around us. Even though I am a yoga teacher, I am always the open student. Everything becomes a soul-full beautiful lesson. My heart just opens every timeย โ™ฅ

These days, yoga is SO popular and the amount of yoga festivals and events out there is growing all the time! The wonderful thing about living in Europe is the ease of travel to get around and check out as many of these events as possible.

Here are some of the European yoga events and festivals that have remained my favourite:

โœนย OM Yoga Showย – One of the biggest UK holistic events on the calendar, across UK.

โœนย Barcelona Yoga Conferenceย – Barcelona is another yoga hub of Europe that continues to inspire me. Takes place in July.

โœนย Free Yoga Byย Oyshoย – A free outdoor yoga event that leaves you feeling a natural buzz. Join hundreds of yogis in Madrid and Barcelona, at a beautiful outdoor city location. Register early to avoid disappointment!

โœนย 3HO European Yoga Festivalย – If you are a Kundalini yogi, this is the most wonderful festival to go to and join the community.

โœนย Great British Kundalini Yoga Festivalย – This is a recent one that I have explored. More Kundalini yoga, more fun!

โœนย British Wheel Of Yoga London Festivalย – One of the biggest yoga organisations in the UK to run this event.

โœนย Spiritual Dance Festivalย – Dance your heart out in Spain, in the middle of nature!

โœนย Yoga Festival Berlinย – Ah Berlin! How I love youโ€ฆ Not only do I love going back to this city and its creative energy, but the yoga festival is set in a wonderful park. The best of both worlds.

โœนย Yoga Festival Italyย – If you love Italy (I certainly do!), this festival runs across different cities.

โœนย Ljubljana Yoga Conferenceย – Another new event to add to the calendarโ€ฆ many international teachers join in to share and a wonderful city to explore!

There are many more – As we go along our own yoga path, I always encourage my students to get out there and exploreโ€ฆ have fun, be inspired and let the journey lead you to many beautiful people and places ๐Ÿ™‚

1510555_1017836658233073_1078222027862733619_nTera Kaur is the creator of Om Barcelona. Based in Barcelona and London, she works as an Energy Therapist (Reiki and CHIOS healing), Kundalini yoga teacher and meditation teacher.

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