Yoga Travel: 5 Lessons From Living A Minimalist Simple Lifestyle

I am doing my final clear-out of physical things I own. This is not new to me, I grew up as a TCK (third-culture0kid) so moving every couple of months/years was a a natural part of my upbringing – “Travel Light” was a familiar affirmation.

Fast forward a few more years (somewhere in the last 10 years), I found a comfy place to call home and stayed for a while… making it my base. This was the longest period I stayed in one location. I got really comfortable, did some slow travel, enjoyed what the city of London had to offer too (finishing my formal studies at college, I started my therapy practice, did my yoga teacher training, plus so much more!)…

Some people say they found/connected to their spiritual Self in Bali, India (or some other far off beautiful place)… I happen to have connected and integrated this side of my life in London –  between all the grey urban electric energy, where my limits where pushed… to the point where energy therapies, life circumstances and yoga grounded me.

Then the day came when I realized that I now wanted to move again… I got itchy feet. Long story short,  I found my Self going through my 10 year’s worth of accumulated stuff, getting ready to start another stage in my journey once more. It was at this point, I saw how important minimalist living is to me – and how I missed it! The words a close friend once shared with me became very real: “The more stuff you own, the more they start to own you”.  I let it go for a long time and I promise that this would be part of my life-long habit. Here are some lessons it taught me over the years.


5 Lessons From Living A Minimalist Simple Lifestyle

Every physical object holds an energy tie to you…

Every time I clear something out, I ask my Self: What did this object mean to me? This always opens up a long inner dialogue on why/how this object was part of my life, on many different levels – from emotional, to practical, to the expectations, to the memories etc. And this can apply to almost anything that we all own. Possessions are in our life for many different reasons. Each reason will have an energy tie of its own.

By consciously choosing to own what you really need now and release the old things that no longer serve you, you are basically freeing up much more than physical space in your home. You are freeing your Self from old energy ties too. The new clearer space may feel empty for a while – but this also a space for new things to fill it… Things that will serve you fully now.

Over time, if you maintain a minimalist lifestyle, your energy just flows so much more! You will bring awareness to your surroundings and value everything much more.

You will save a lot of money, enjoy your life much more and live healthier by living simple…

If you get into a habit of clearing out regularly (giving to charity, selling etc), not buying things that you really don’t need, choosing wisely to buy only things that will nourish your life (quite literally too!) and spend more of that money on experiences…. you will see a change. I recently read this beautiful article on the science on why we should spend money on experiences, not possessions and this confirmed it to me.

This will also allow us to spend/save more money… for things that really do make a difference in our life.

You don’t need to skip luxury to live a minimalist simple lifestyle…

Some people may assume that just because you have less things, you must skip luxury. No! I think the opposite applies 🙂

A simple example in my own life: I love chocolate… I would rather buy higher quality luxury brand chocolate (even if it is less in quantity) than spend a similar amount of money on more bars of cheaper chocolate. I cherish my chocolate more, I spend slightly less for much more satisfaction. Plus, some may say it’s healthier because of this (less sugar, more quality cocoa, cocoa benefits etc). This could apply for most things.

You contribute to positive energy flow…

I try to see life as a flow of energy… By recycling and passing on your possessions to others, you are already adding to a much more powerful energy flow. You can add more ideas to this. Think of the benefits – for the planet, for others and for your Self.

Reflection Questions: How can you create more energy flow in your life? What areas of your life are feeling stagnant? Where is your energy growing in your life? What is draining your energy?

Make room for what matters more!

Leading a minimalist simple lifestyle is about choices – Choose how you spend your money for more benefits. Choose what matters to you by releasing what doesn’t. Make room for things, people and opportunities by clearing out your energy (in your home, in your diet, in your daily routines).

Try this for 2 months and see if this changes anything – you might be surprised! 🙂

1510555_1017836658233073_1078222027862733619_nTera Kaur is the creator of Om Barcelona. Based in Barcelona and London, she works as an Energy Therapist (Reiki and CHIOS healing), Kundalini yoga teacher and meditation teacher.

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