Humans Of Barcelona ~ The People Who Make This City Sparkle!

The energy of any city is from the people who live in it. If you really want to get the genuine feel for a place, it’s culture and see what makes it tick – you need to connect with the people.

Every time I walk down Barcelona’s streets, my heart feels full of love and at complete peace. After many years of travel and living in different places around the world, Barcelona will always have a special place in my heart – And one of the main reasons for this is because of the people I meet who make it so special!  There are so many different sides to this city.

There is a wonderful movement of photographers sharing their city online through people – One of the popular websites for this is Humans Of New York. If you look for other cities, you’ll also find a similar websites. The aim of these projects is to capture the real people of the city… their energy, the people you walk past, who live the city everyday and their stories. After enjoying the posts from this website, I was so excited to see that Barcelona also had it’s very own spot.

Take a look and be inspired – Humans Of Barcelona



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