5 Places For Great Hummus In Barcelona (Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants)

I confess that I am a complete hummus addict! 🙂

It’s one of the first things I love to eat when I go out (a habit I seemed to have picked up in London!) and it was one of the first things I looked up when I first went to Barcelona.

The good news is this city has plenty of places where you can eat beautiful veggie food – and great hummus too. I have tried a few spots but these seem to be my top 4 favourites. All of these places are veggie too 🙂

5 Places For Great Hummus + Veggie Food:


Career de València, 227, 08007 Barcelona, Spain [Map]

I found out about this place recently – With a name like this, I had a rough idea that this might be the perfect place dedicated to good quality hummus. I wasn’t wrong.


Career de Ferran, 13, 08002 Barcelona, Spain [Map]

Even though this spot is fairly small and holds just a few spaces to sit down, it gets packed up pretty quickly! It’s a healthy fast food place… They serve Falafel wraps, chips and meal deals – with plenty of hummus. This place is where I usually like to take-away my brunch and head off to the park or beach to eat.

Veggie Garden

Career dels Àngels, 3, 08001 Barcelona, Spain [Map]

Before I had even landed in Barcelona for the first time, everyone told me to go here. I was staying at a hotel just around the corner and this central location was perfect too. I love the fresh juices and vegan Nepalese/Indian food, plus great service!


Career de la Bòria, 17, 08003 Barcelona, Spain [Map]

It is a bar too, it serves some great craft beers – and sometimes have live music on, which I love. It’s also the place I would go to if I am craving a yummy fat handmade vegan burger 🙂

Juicy Jones

Career de l’Hospital, 74, 08001 Barcelona, Spain [Map]

Colourful place, cheers me up every time! The price is good too and the location is very convenient if you are walking around. Another place that serves amazing hummus and great juices!