Barcelona Yoga Conference


1526997_683954541644132_219105069_nThis was the very festival that sparked my love for Barcelona’s yoga scene… I can’t wait for this year! 🙂 

I have been here three times – and like many of the other European yoga festivals, it is growing stronger and bigger… with teachers coming from all over Spain, and across the pond too… a real international feel to it!

At the same time, it still has a very intimate feel to it. Set in what seems like a school campus, the venue is away from the tourist tracks of Barcelona and holds their classes in a close-knit setting.

One of my favourite things is to relax in the green spaces, where people meet and enjoy the energy, even if they have come alone. Over the years, I have met many yogis from across the globe in these “in-between moments”… and I love it 🙂

This year, as always, there are many amazing classes and teachers lined up – Many are free too! Make this a time to come to Barcelona and enjoy the yoga scene here and beyond.

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