Kundalini Yoga In Barcelona ~ 5 Spanish Resources I Love πŸ’›

The one thing that brought me to Barcelona was yoga – especially the Kundalini yoga community πŸ™‚ And although I teach in English, I am venturing out to eventually teaching in Spanish.

It’s funny how yoga can be so many things at once – I know many of my clients who are Spanish speakers in mother tongue love taking English yoga classes to expand their English and meet other people who speak English. The same can be said for learning any language – including Spanish.

It’s so easy to pick up languages while we’re doing activities that feel familiar to us already. I was reminded of this when I was in a Kundalini yoga ashram a year ago, where I went alone and had 2 German groups in the ashram teaching Kundalini yoga. Although the teachings and classes were translated into English, there were a few classes that were just in German and suddenly simple words Β came to life and became so easy to follow … Breathe in, suspend the breath, apply root lock etc πŸ™‚ I love that!

For this reason, I wanted to share 5 Spanish Kundalini yoga resources that I return to often.

5 Spanish Resources I Love…

Kundalini Hoy

Spirit Voyage

AsociaciΓ³n EspaΓ±ola de Kundalini Yoga

Satnam Shop

Happy Yoga Barcelona Yoga Studio

The amount of information and shared knowledge out there is beautiful – I like to go on YouTube also to see teachers. Enjoy!

Love & Light,