Online Yoga Class (50min Video): Heart Chakra Kundalini Yoga By Maya Fiennes

Happy Valentine’s Day Beautifuls! 🙂

Whether you are in a relationship or not, everything starts from a place of Self love… from our heart. Everything is an extension of this, not just our connections to others. And it applies to every single day, not just Valentine’s Day. I was deeply reminded of this today, the Universe/You-In-Verse has a strange sense of humour but I got it in the end lol. Celebrating love (in all it’s glorious forms) is a humble experience.

I wanted to share one of my favourite teacher’s class. We trained with the same teacher and school – Actually, her work inspired me to get into Kundalini Yoga in the first place. I have been to several of her workshops and she is simply amazing ♥

This is a full yoga class to connect deeply to the heart Chakra, the great balancer of our energy system and it’s Infinite intelligence. Enjoy your day!


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