Yoga Music: We Will Rise – Tara Walsh

At the moment, Tara is touring with her new album coming out, with some well-known Spanish Kirtan musicians – Coming to Barcelona this month.

About TARA:Β 

11942190_845068985606864_248178470288231466_oI began my journey with music from a young age. My fingers scaled up and down the piano for many years, searching for melody and harmony. Then came the voice, reaching out from her silent cave, and giving life to the breath…searching for new heights.

After a long spell of learning different instruments throughout my youth, my attention then turned to body work.

Theatre began to take over as a means of expression, and I spent my University days studying theatre, film and performance.

Then came Yoga.

Connections deepened and the body became Known, Conscious, and Alive.

A new voice was heard, recognised and known deep within me. As my practice grew and devotion blossomed, I began to listen once again and I heard a long lost melody reaching out to me.

My voice began to sound once again but from a new place, and with a new intention.

After moving to Spain in 2011 I began to lead more song circles, playing with various musicians in Madrid until meeting Ravi Ramoneda and Rafa Martinez where my journey finally began to take shape.

A trio was born and we spent the summer of 2014 travelling through Spain, France and Switzerland playing at various festivals and venues. This collaboration continues to blossom and grow as our hands, hearts and voices weave together. And alongside this a personal project grew and took shape…. an album asking for birth… a silence that came from another world…