5 Tips To Embrace Summer Solstice (+ Video By Sun Sun Love Festival)

Summer Solstice is a special time… we head into the depth of the Sun months, activating our Solar Plexus fully. Here are some tips to make the most of this moment!

Video taken from the Sun Sun Love Festival

Let’s celebrate the second half of the year!

Reflection Question: How has this year been so far for you?

This month, we have reached the start of not only Summer, but also the 2nd half of the year. This is a great time for deep reelection. Each year will have its own energy and its own meaning in our unique life journey. And with it, there are many lessons to explore and learn from. There will be challenges and inspiration to reflect on. But we can always choose to find the right way forward for us. Use the days leading up to Summer Solstice to tune in.

Reflection Question: What matters to you in your life? Get super simple!

In this day and age, we are constantly multi-tasking in the glory of “busy-ness”. Everything feels like something we need to do… but when it really comes down to it, what matters to you? In your day-to-day life, what really is the core of your purpose or Dharma? Get simple with this question and be honest. Are you aligning your Self to it? And if not, how can you set intentions for the rest of the year to do so? Take one step forward this Summer to make it happen.

Set intentions

Now, let’s set some intentions to set the energy tone for this powerful day. This is a wonderful time to get your journal out and write it all out. Be clear, connect to your heart’s Infinite intelligence and communicate it on paper. This is your reminder.

Make time for your spiritual practice

On special days (and in everyday life), the small powerful acts of Self nurturing make all the difference. Spiritual practice does not necessarily have to be expressed in a traditional sense (yoga, meditation etc)… Spiritual practice is anything that allows you to connect to your Self. If that means taking a run in the park, do it. If that means doing your art, make space for it. If it means putting the music on at full blast and dancing away, go for it! What makes you feel connected to your Self and your heart? Make space to do it today – and more often in your daily life. You’ll see the difference!

Some tips to celebrate

If you don’t have anything in mind and looking for inspiration, here are some ways to celebrate the day!

Wake up before sunrise: The ambrosial hours between 4-7am are a sacred time to connect with your Self and your intentions. this sets the energy tone for the whole day ahead.

Simple meditation:Β Find a candle to light. Have it lit in front of you as you find a comfortable seated position where you won’t be disturbed. Light the candle and keep your eyes fixed on it. Begin to breathe deeply with this light… invite that light into your Solar Plexus… this is your power to move forward in your life and release the old cycles, fears and barriers that have held you back. Breathe in deeply as you stare into the light and exhale deeply to release the old energy within. Feel the release. Do this for as long as you like. To end: Close your eyes, take a long deep breathe in and hold for a few seconds, exhale it all out through the mouth. Repeat 2 more times and return your breath back to normal. Slowly open your eyes.

Get out in nature:Β Go to any green spaces near you and spend time there. Observe the colors around you, the smells, engage all your senses with nature. Nature changes with the season, as do we! How is your environment and external world reflecting in your inner world? Be present.

Happy Summer Solstice, blessings and Infinite light πŸ™‚