Alternative Barcelona: Summer In Barcelona: Things To Do – A Yogi’s Guide

Are you headed to Barcelona this Summer? This city get super busy during this time of the year – here are some alternative and creative ideas to explore!

Take a walk with your yoga mat

I say this quite literally because this is what I do when I have zero plans – and I always end up finding something going on or a nice quiet spot to do my personal yoga practice. The nice thing about this city is that it’s not too big so walking around and exploring comes so easy, especially when the sun is shining!

Look for outdoor yoga classes (and other activities) in the beach and park

And as you walk around, it will be hard not to spot outdoor classes going  on – all kinds of classes – from capoeira, to meditation to boot camp… the list goes on. Barcelona is a city that likes to be outdoors.

Outdoor yoga sessions always s takes my practice to another level! 🙂

Outdoor cinemas

Keeping with the outdoor theme, I love to practice my Spanish or Catalan with the outdoor cinemas that crop up. A few links you can explore are:

Yoga, music and world-culture festivals

I don’t know where to begin with this one because there are way too many events to list here! Barcelona has so many festivals – whether you’re interested in yoga, music, culture, food and more – there is a festival for you!

Enjoy Barcelona’s green spaces

Any time I travel, I will make space and time for exploring green spaces in that location. It keeps me grounded when the energy is fast.

Barcelona is probably at its most busiest during the Summer time, peak tourist season. And it can be very hectic and crowded around the popular tourist spots. When things do get a little too much or you find your Self getting annoyed with the crowds, this is the perfect time to stop off at one of the green parks and spaces around town.

Hike the mountains

If you’re tired of the city life, many people forget what lies beyond the city… the mountains will draw you in closer! Many festivals and yoga retreats are held in the mountains and are very easy to get to by train, maybe up to 30 minutes away. You will find that many locals also make it a regular thing to go and explore the mountains.

If you like to hike, take a moment to research some places you can visit for a day trip. Here are some popular mountain areas to explore:

Explore less crowded beaches

Many locals use July and August as a time to escape the city and head off on their travels. This is by far the most popular time for tourists to come and you will see the numbers on the beach! The good thing is that there are many beaches in the city and not too far away from Barcelona. It’s worth the extra time to travel to get to a peaceful beach.

Generally, the further you go from La Barceloneta beach, the less crowded you’ll find the beaches. And the less you will find people coming up to you to sell you drinks and other things. Here are some beaches nearby…

Relax and  people-watch in the many veggie restaurants/cafes around Barcelona

Barcelona declared its city as vegetarian friendly (read about it here) – And it really does feel like it. The ease of finding places to eat and having a huge amount of choices is so important to me.

Explore Barcelona’s street food and flea markets

In the last 5 years it feels like flea markets have taken on a whole new twist. The same can be said for the street food markets. Most of these pop-up events happen around the city, often in different locations.  Whether you like vintage clothing, browsing good bargains or tasting new foods, there is something for everyone! I could easily spend a whole day in one of these events, people watching and enjoying the energy. Here are some of my favorites…

Happy Summer!