Yoga Travel: When Your Yoga Mat Becomes Your Only “Home” + 5 Reflection Questions

When travel is a big part of your life, what/where do you call “home”? What brings out the feeling of “home” for you? And when you return back to what you once called “home”, is it ever the same?

These are just some of the questions I have been reflecting on for many years. I spent my whole childhood growing up in different places (typical Third-Culture-Kid TCK upbringing), then finally found a place to call home for a few years in my 20’s. Soon, I realized again that it was time to move on…

This is also something I ask my friends and all the beautiful travelers I come across in my work and personal life… Something magical seems to happen when travel becomes a part of our lives. Even when we start of with a fixed identity/label/address, travel seems to peel (or shred, depending on the experiences!) the layers off gently until we are left with… just our Self.

It’s during these restless times of transition that I seem to find comfort in knowing that what actually makes me feel at home is all the simple small things in my life that connect me to that place within. The feeling of peace. Space to just allow things to come up. This is where my yoga mat and nature play a huge part in my life. The only consistent place I call home is here.

For anyone reading this that relates to my words, I’d like to share some simple reflection questions for your yoga practice. I often ask these questions when I feel restless 🙂

Reflection questions for your yoga session:

Sometimes, I like to start my yoga session with an intention that is an open question to my soul. With love and Self trust, I then just go about my personal yoga session and observe with a neutral mind. Even if nothing comes up (that makes sense) or is even related to my question, I allow it to progress in the sessions after. One day, it  all just seems to click into place.

Home is a place within and everything externally is an extension of us. These questions always remind me of what matters and why I am here in this physical location… 

Reflection Q 1: What lessons have I learned from the place I live now?

I am a huge believer that where we live and where we move to is all part of this weaving story that creates lessons and growth. If you travel, the weaving pattern just seems to expand all the time with every new location. I find that it’s very grounding to take a moment to bring home all the lessons, to take note of them and integrate them fully. This is especially true when I feel restless and want to move on.

Reflection Q 2: Are there any energy ties I need to release in order to grow?

Our energy system collects all these wonderful energy cords… they build and expand… but sometimes, it’s time to let go. Maybe something/someone is no longer meant to be in our Self journey and that’s OK. The soul purpose is complete, the lessons are learned. The release will probably happen naturally anyway. This can be a hard time to be honest with our Self – especially when there are people involved. But, it not only serves us – it also serves their soul expansion too. As we change, the ones who seem to react more are those/things closest to us. Take time to observe the dynamics and ask your Self this question often while you reflect on your mat.

I also notice in the past is that in some moments when I felt restless to travel, maybe what I really needed was a release of things/people around me… and to change the dynamics of the location I live in first.

Reflection Q 3: Who has brought me precious experiences here?

On a joy-full note, people make experiences… all kinds of experiences that push, poke and open us up to new possibilities. I love to reflect and give thanks to every single soul I come across, even if it was just for a brief conversation on the bus stop, never to be seen again!

Reflection Q 4: If I were to leave next week, are there any places or things I would regret not experiencing?

Maybe it’s time to slow it all down and see what/why you really are here… did you miss anything? Are you going to miss anything? Most times, living and visiting a location can be 2 totally different experiences. If you have lived in one location for a while, have you really completed everything you came here to do?

Reflection Q 5: Is my journey to return to this place?

Sometimes we know the answer straight away. Sometimes, we just have to leave our soul’s door open and see what happens. Sometimes, the energy of a location comes in different forms to us, even when we are miles away – in the form of people and reminders.

Sat Nam!