Kundalini Yoga In Barcelona: Places & Events To Explore

The strange thing about living in Barcelona is that I actually had no plan to ever visit this city. But what finally brought me here was not the sunshine, the beaches or the night life – it was the yoga scene. Especially the Kundalini yoga community!

If you are looking to deepen your healthy lifestyle and explore holistic health, Spain is an amazing country to live/visit and to do just that. Even after a whole lifetime of travelling to different parts of Spain, I totally seemed to miss the one thing I was looking to enjoy most. And it was during the Barcelona Yoga Conferenceย at one of the Kirtan sessions, that I had that strange Ah-HA moment. I knew this was the next part of my journey!

During my Kundalini yoga teacher training in London and Portugal, I had crossed paths with other students from around the world. One of my teachers was Spanish also and I asked him if there was a Kundalini yoga community I could get in touch with. At that point, I didn’t realise that Barcelona was one the hot-spots ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, I enjoy teaching English yoga & meditation classes in Barcelona and sharing my love of Kundalini yoga with the wider community. Many students ask me about resources to explore their Kundalini yoga journey while they are here, so I felt like writing this post for you! This is also one of the main reasons I started OM Barcelona, to share more of my yoga journey and links in Barcelona (and the rest of Spain)

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Kundalini Yoga Links To Explore!

Let me share some of my personal favourite links…

AEKYย (Asociaciรณn Espaรฑola De Kundalini Yoga)

The main head quarters is in Barcelona, but they host events across Spain. From the website, you can do a quick search of different regions of Spain – Barcelona has a huge list of places to choose from.ย ย 

White Tantric Yoga

If you really want to dive in, most Kundalini yogis will tell you all about their experience at the White Tantric Yoga day. This is a global event that takes place at different places/locations throughout the year. There is a schedule you can check, outlining the dates/times of where each event will be. Madrid and/or Barcelona are always somewhere on the list.

This annual event in most locations is a fantastic opportunity to meet and be around Kundalini yoga lovers – the whole day is dedicated to deep connection, leaving each person with their own unique experiences.

Read this informationย on what to expect and how it works. It is a powerful experience.

Sadhana In Barcelona

Sadhana means daily spiritual practice. Kundalini yogis do their Sadhana during the special early hours of the morning, known as the ambrosial hours (two and a half hours before sunrise)… This is where real evolutionary progress can be made because these hours are quit and support us in tuning deep into our subconscious mind. Doing Sadhana helps us create maximun results through our yogic practice. This can be sone at home as your personal Sadhana – Or you can choose to share it with a group.. You can find out more here.

Even if you’re not planning on waking up this early everyday, consider trying it for at least 1-3 times each week around your schedule. Many are amazed that even though they expect to be tired throughout the rest of the day, the opposite can happen! Many students say that they feel even more energy throughout the day, despite the early morning wake-up, because they had the space to recharge and connect deeply to their Self.

If you are looking for a place in Central Barcelona that offers Sadhana sessions,ย Happy Yogaย is a wonderful spot.

Kirtan & Concerts In Barcelona

Chanting mantras and yoga songs goes much deeper than you may think! Kirtanย is music for the soul. It is usually an interactive concert, where the audience can chant along and enjoy the energy. Have you ever wondered why chanting makes you feel good? On a deeper level, itโ€™s much more than yoga music.

To understand the benefits of mantra and kirtan, we can appreciate the science behind it too. When we chant these sounds, we are stimulating eighty-four meridian points on the upper palate of our mouth (two rows of meridian points on the upper palate and on the gum behind the upper teeth) with our tongue. In turn, this stimulates many areas of our body on a physical level (such as the hypothalamus, the pineal gland and the pituitary gland). As a result, the chemical composition of the brain becomes balanced and we feel it too.

Barcelona has a huge Kirtan scene… there are so many events celebrating Kirtan. If you are looking for Kirtan concerts around Barcelona, join this Facebook group: Kirtan Barcelona

Spanish Resources For Kundalini Yoga

Are you looking for a Spanish shop to buy books and music? Sat Nam Shop is an online shop where you can buy everything from books to music.

Kundalini Hoy is another Spanish resource for information. This blog shares Kriyas and meditations in Spanish. I find that this is very helpful when I am going to Spanish classes and want to explore the language at the same time.

Yoga Festivals

Don’t forget the yoga festivals all over Barcelona and Spain. Many of them include Kundalini yoga sessions with well known teachers.

I wrote a blog post on this, so check out these 2 posts for more inspiration:ย 

Yoga Festivals – Spain & Europe

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