Yoga In Barcelona: 5 Things I Love About Barcelona’s Yoga Community

There are many reasons to come to Barcelona. Maybe you would like to explore more of it’s yoga lifestyle? Here are my top reasons for why I come back to enjoy it!

It’s no secret that Barcelona is an amazing city to visit… But one of the things that brought me here and attracts me and many others is the thriving yoga scene.

I started my yoga and holistic journey in London – and found my Self drawn into the beautiful yoga spaces of Barcelona. As I looked for new ways to get deeper into my yoga lifestyle, I knew this city would always inspire me! ♥

5 Things I Love About Barcelona’s Thriving Yoga Scene

Outdoor Yoga…

YES! The beach, the park, the local out doors spots – During the hotter months, you don’t have to walk far before you stumble across some sort of outdoor activity, yoga being a popular one. In fact, the majority of my yogi friends take full advantage of how easy it is to set up an outdoor class.

The Catalan culture…

Barcelona may be in Spain, but it has it’s own unique Catalan culture and language. I’ve always been very familiar with different parts of Spain but it took me a while to finally come here – and when I did, it opened my world to yet another culture. If you love exploring and learning new things, try and take in the beautiful Catalan traditions also.

Yoga in any language…

Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan city, with people from all over the world. It’s not difficult to find classes in different languages. Some yoga centers also cater for English speaking clients.

The holistic/yoga events throughout the whole year…

Many yogis will already be familiar with the Barcelona Yoga Conference, which attracts many international teachers to share. There are many other gatherings that happen throughout the year too. I have recently fallen in love with the Kirtan events that bring some well-known Kirtan singers to the city – such as Nirinjan Kaur and Mirabai Ceiba (Join Kirtan Barcelona Facebook Group). No matter what time of the year, I guarantee there is something on – not just in Summer.

The healthy lifestyle…

As a London yogi and holistic therapist, I almost got programmed into the hectic electrical lifestyle that London had to offer – and Barcelona was a huge personal reminder on how to slow everything down… to really integrate my practice.

Barcelona can be many things to many people, but what I truly value about this city is the healthy lifestyle it offers. Swapping the London tube, grey skies and busy streets – for long peaceful walks by the beach, experiencing the seasons fully, the ease of finding veggie restaurants and shops, the people I meet who are so friendly and share… these little things matter to me. They make each day a yoga practice in its Self.

Many visitors forget that just 30 minutes away from Barcelona, there is a wealth of natural places to experience also. France is just around the corner too if you wanted to do a road trip. I like how inexpensive it is to travel into the mountains or to book a rural retreat and escape the city life, only to return and enjoy it all over again!

By far, Barcelona remains one of my favorite cities in Europe for these reasons (and many more!).

The next time you’re in town, don’t forget to see this for your Self, support local teachers/centers and take part in the events! Enjoy 🙂