Guided Kirtan Kriya Water Meditation (Video)

Whether you live by the sea or crave the feeling of connecting with water, this Kundalini meditation is perfect to try! A guided meditation for your emotional Self and moodย โ™ฅ

Water has a deep connection with our emotional Self – If you feel like you are in need of getting in touch with this part of your Self, be near water… swim in it, bathe in it, take a long bath… bring as much of this energy into your life! It helps to balance our moods and has many benefits to our mind-body-soul.

This is definitelyย where I have been drawn to with my water sign… and living in Barcelona, I try to get out into the sea for long walks or a swim if possible.

One way I enjoy being with water is through this meditation. This particular one is called Kirtan Kriya – It is part of Kundalini yoga and studies show how meditation has a positive impact on mood.ย Enjoy!

A Guided Kirtan Kriya Waterย Meditation