Buying Fresh Spices, Herbs & Nuts In Barcelona

I love food with a lot of strong flavours – So finding places that sell good quality fresh herbs and spices is important to me. Here are my favourite spots.

When I first came to Barcelona, the first place I would go to was the famous La Boqueria in the Ramblas, where you will find many stalls selling everything – from fresh fruits, to meat/fish, to spices and herbs. It is a hot spot for tourists and the prices often reflect this. As much as I love coming here, I prefer to also explore other local businesses.

Here are my favourite places to buy fresh spices, herbs and nuts…

The Green Farmers

The inside of this shop is beautifully decorated with earthy tones and images on the wall. It is a shop that dedicates everything it sells to organic farming, managed by 2 professionals Rafael and Antonio. As well as spices and herbs, I love to buy my organic fruit and vegetables here.

AWAMI Frutos Secos

This Asian shop is where I enjoy buying nuts from the huge bags and variety on offer. As well as spices, they also sell pure chocolate bars 🙂 In the heart of Raval, this multicultural area of Barcelona has many shops that sell authentic Asian foods and products. I encourage you to go off and check out all the food shops and you’ll surely find more finds! This is how I found this shop.

El Graner

Gracia is another part of town, like a little boho village away from the crowds. If you are in this area of Barcelona, this is my favoruite local shop to visit. Just like the other 2 picks, it offers open bags and crates of warm spices to enjoy.

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