The Chakras: 5 Ways Learning About your Chakras Can Change Your Life

What are Chakras? And how can they change your life? Finding out about how you use your Chakras can make a beautiful change in your life!

For the last 20 years, I have loved exploring energy and how it works! And since 2004, I have worked with many clients from all walks of life to explore their Chakras and how to use them in their own life.

We are moving into really exciting (often challenging!) times where everyone seems to be much more open to different concepts related to natural health and energy medicine. This area is also evolving every single day.

As our Chakras and learning about it is an ongoing process, every day is different. Each day is an opportunity to grow as many factors (like emotions, food, stress levels etc) can change how we use our own Chakras system. >> Click here to read more about the Chakra system

If you are drawn to find out more about your Chakras, I encourage you to dig in deeper into this topic. You can do this in many ways – through meditation, through yoga, through going to a energy therapist (such as a Reiki therapist) or by getting a Chakra reading.

It’s a calling for you to explore your Self on a deeper level… this is a powerful way of creating energy flow in your life. Have fun and let your instincts guide you!

Let me share some quick insights into how learning about your Chakras can be a positive step forward! πŸ™‚

A great tool for awareness

Awareness is the foundation for almost everything in Self growth. It’s a great place to start with, especially if you don’t know how to move forward and need to tune in with your Self first.

Learning about the Chakras is like having a gentle inner reminder of where you are now and how this is effecting your life. As each Chakra corresponds to different areas of our life, we can start to zone in on exactly what matters to us now and work on it.

It can help ground your mind and energy levels

Many of us are not very grounded – we are always in our head-space (along with the monkey mind!)… and life’s hectic technological age can make us naturally work with this area of our Chakra system too.

When you find out whether you work more with the upper or lower Chakras, you can also learn to balance it out. Grounding is a huge topic that seems to come up a lot. Learning about how to tap into the lower Chakras and anchor your Self can make a big difference in how you feel, how you manifest and being present in the NOW.

Creates energy flow in manifesting your dreams

Once you have more of a balance, this can often create a deep creative energy to manifest more, which can be channeled into any area of your life that you want to work on. If the Chakra system is out of balance, the energy flow can sometimes feel stagnant too.

As an example: A person who has a mainly dominant upper Chakra system may have many ideas and thoughts but finds it hard to manifest them into the physical world (through physical actions and results). Therefore, this person would need to work more on the lower Chakras and grounding to tune into the emotions, grounding and triggers that blocks it.

Find practical solutions to work on your weaker Chakras

I am a huge believer that once information is given, it needs to be made into practical steps. This does take work and pro-active willingness on the side of the person who wants to make change. And usually it starts with looking at how our daily habits and routines enhance or distracts our energy.

Finding practical solutions is a very personal thing too. What works for one person may not work for another. It’s a case of taking baby steps and finding out which tips suit you and your lifestyle most.

It’s time to let go!

We often hold on to so much, even without knowing it! One of the first steps to clearing out stagnant or blocked energy is usually finding out what you need to let go of. This is hard because we can often be deeply attached to our routines, people, situations etc that may no longer be serving our life’s journey now. There are energy and emotional ties in almost every part of our life. So, returning to awareness and taking practical steps to clear it out first often helps bring back energy flow. The Chakras can help point out where to best start!

I hope this helps on your journey! πŸ™‚


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