Enjoy Autumn: Tips For Autumn Equinox & Enjoying This Season

What does Autumn mean to you? Love it or hate it, it is a beautifully powerful time to set some intentions and dive deep into our creative Self. I want to share some tips for you to enjoy a start to a great season ahead!

I used to dread the idea of Summer nights turning darker and feeling the cold (and my moody side) slowly creep in. But now, it has become a highlight of my year as I embrace this moment as one of the biggest energy shifts between seasons (the other being Winter to Spring).

I love the colours of deep reds, oranges and yellows scattered around the streets and parks. I love how I start to make more wholesome spicy comfort foods. I enjoy my regular cheeky dose of churros con chocolate and how my skin starts to feel the subtle changes during outdoor yoga.

Yes, it’s Autumn! The perfect time to celebrate the balance of light and dark, reminding us that we should celebrate not just our light – but all the beautiful shadow sides of who we are. We dive into our lower Chakras and our inner world – giving us space to create rituals for creativity and new projects to blossom later in the warmer months of next year. EnjoyΒ β™₯

I want to share 3 things that I love to do during the week of Autumn equinox (and beyond!)

Candle Meditation

Take a moment to set some intentions ahead for this season. Β Remember, as we move into Autumn, we have this great shift of energy from external into internal, from our upper Chakras to our lower Chakras, connecting light and dark… balancing out and calling us to get deeper into our journey. This meditation is very simple.

  • Find a time and space where you can be in a dark quiet environment alone (or with someone close)
  • Take a moment to light some candles and place them in front of you. You can also burn incense or anything extra for this meditation
  • Sit in easy pose or any seated position that keeps your spine straight
  • Take the next few minute to do long deep breathing, gazing at the candle
  • When you are ready, focus on an intention for what you would like to explore for the next 6 months
  • Keep gazing at the candle, imagining the energy of your intention is expanding and bringing light into this seed of thought.
  • You can stay here for as long as you like
  • To end, give thanks for this space of Self connection and you can make space to do some journal writing if you like

Surya Kriya – Invite Sun Energy Into Your Life

This is the perfect time to tap into our inner light. This is a wonderful Kundalini yoga set/kriya that taps into the sun energy within. If you are feeling low energy or need a boost, this is perfect to do throughout the colder months ahead!

For a longer practice, do this for 40 days and see how this changes your energy.

Β giphySage Your Home

Just like the traditional Spring cleaning, this is another time of the year where you can make space to clear out everything that no longer serves you in your home.

As well as a physical clear out of your belongings, how about trying an energy clear-out too, by using sage. I love to do this often and it really does cleanse and clear out everything, leaving space to invite new things in your life!