Empath Energy Tips: The 10 Commandments For Empaths

I have been working with many empaths over the years – they are drawn towards energy healing because of that natural ability to understand it on a deeper level. It’s also interesting to see how some empaths have always known that they were sensitive to energy – but there also seems to be a growing amount of people who are “awakening” to their empath qualities later on in life, whether it’s because life situations have brought them to this point or due to the wonderful shifts of energy at these times.

It can be a challenge to work with our sensitive energy – but it is also a very wonderful gift, a tool that will bring us the most amazing experiences in life if we know how to work with this quality.

In the spirit of keeping things simple and practical, I have put together these reminders for our daily life.

The 10 Commandments For Empaths

Positive affirmation:

“I honor my wonderful sensitive soul and cherish the blessings it brings. With this, I empower my daily life with these 10 guidelines…”

I will create healthy boundaries to nurture my energy space…

Creating healthy energy boundaries is essential for empaths. We tend to hold/store a lot of negative (and positive) things from our daily life (people, environment, work, stress, emotions of ย others etc).

Remember that energy is a 2 way thingโ€ฆ it’s about give and take, and not being exposed to anything or anyone that is constantly taking more than they give or draining your energy space.

The quickest way to know if something or someone is draining your energy is how your body reacts afterwardsโ€ฆ do you physically feel tired? Does this person or place make you feel bad after the connection? Become aware of things that make you feel good and bad – Give space or create healthy boundaries to those things are constantly draining you.

I will practice regular grounding to keep my energy strong…

As empaths, we tend to use a lot of our top Chakras more – we tend to be very much in the head space and realms of Higher self. Grounding will help bring that balance to the lower Chakras and into the Earthly realms.

I will honor and cherish my intuition and what my body tells me…

Your intuition as an empath is your highest strongest tool, because empaths are great observers. We often can make the mistake of thinking it’s something else (like fear or tension). ย But there will always be this little voice somewhere calling your attentionโ€ฆ listen to it. Sometimes it won’t have any logic to it, but it rarely is wrong! Trust your Self to know and hear it when needed ๐Ÿ™‚

I will find healthy ways to release emotions and stress…

As we store a lot from the external, so too do we have a lot of internal movement with energy. It is important to find ways each day to release stress and emotions. Little and often will stop any build up that will cause us to feel very tired or stressed.

I will not be afraid to express my needs…

One thing I generally notice with empaths is that we are good with meeting the needs of others, but not good with our own! Maybe it’s time to be our own best friend and listen to what we needโ€ฆ and to express it to others. Don’t be afraid to say “No” when your body needs rest or time out to recharge.

I will enjoy the company of positive people in my life…

Positive people are people who will be there for you, even through your own bad times. Empaths are usually very good at being there for others, listening to their problems/issues, being open to giving advice. Also, people are naturally drawn to empaths because of their ability to be wonderful at this and to be great grounding rocks.

But what happens when friends or family are only there when they need to “download” their stuff to you? Maybe it’s time to shift the dynamics of the connection and focus on being there with them when there is fun times too.

Remember the give and take concept of energyโ€ฆ and who makes you feel good. Positive people inspire us to grow too.

I will nurture my physical body with energizing foods…

A good way to keep your energy levels up is to eat nurturing foods. Skip the junk food for a healthier choice and you will see how your energy lifts.

Another tip is to eat fresh foods that are in season – this will help you sync with the energy around you.

I will explore creativity to channel my Self…

One way to channel the rich inner world of an empath is through creativityโ€ฆ it acts as wonderful tool to express Self and all the energy we collect within. ย It doesn’t have to traditional forms of creativity – it can be anything, from belly dancing, journal writing or anything else that gets you back into the present moment and channeling your ideas and emotions outwards.

I will find ways of exploring and releasing my comfort zone…

Empaths may have the same routines because it feels safe and easier. But a lot can be achieved when we move out of that zone and into something new – this will automatically bring grounding as we connect to the physical world around us – and to our 3rd eye space of observations.

Do something new that you have always wanted to do and don’t be afraid. Work with your intuition and ground in your new space and expand your comfort zone.

I give my Self quality time alone to re-charge…

Spending quality time alone is a blessing – It’s not about “being lonely”, it’s about “being by your Self”โ€ฆ tuning to your Self and what needs to be tapped into. A regular routine of doing this will help you bring awareness and allow you to be in a place where you can attract new things/peopleโ€ฆ

The Universe/You-In-Verse will always bring in new things if you give it space to do so.

Each day, try to bring at least 1 of these commandments to your routine and slowly work on adding more routines that will help nurture your beautiful emotionally-energetically-intelligent Self ๐Ÿ’›