Make Your Own Potpourri & Dried Flowers

It’s so easy and really helps to infuse your home with natural gorgeous smells from nature!

Don’t throw your flowers away

I think dried flowers and Potpourri are like Marmite for many people – you either love them or hate them lol! But if you’re like me and love fresh flowers in your home, it can be a shame to let all that beauty go to waste… besides you can make it into a present with your personal touch for someone else and it adds to the positive energy of space clearing πŸ˜ƒΒ They also last for a very long time.

So – what’s the first step?

β€’ If you no longer want your fresh flowers or they are starting to look a little un-fresh lol, take them out of the vase and tie them at the base, so all the stems are securely in place with a strong string. Make sure there is enough string on the ends to be able to tie it elsewhere.

β€’ If you prefer, treat your Self to some flowers or plants that have amazing scents and colours of your choice.

β€’ Now find a secure dry spot in your home, where they won’t be disturbed. You could use hangers to tie them in place.

β€’ Tie the flowers by the string at the base to a handle, so they are hanging upside down. By letting your flowers dry upside down, they will keep their upright position, without bends, when they dry so you can use them as dried flowers in a vase later.

β€’ All that’s left to do is to wait for a week or so until they are completely dry. I usually keep mine for much longer – even up to a month if they are a big bunch. They need to be totally dried.

Last step – to crush or to keep as dried flowers?

Decide whether you want to leave them as dried flowers or crush them into potpourri.

Dried flowers: If you want to keep them as dried flowers, you can now go ahead and find a nice place and vase to place them in – keep the string at the base of the stems as this will keep them all together.

Potpourri:Β If you choose theΒ potpourri option, gently crush the flowers – be careful as dried flowers can be sharp! Some people like to crush them into fine pieces, and some like the more rustic chunky look πŸ™‚

If you are planning on keeping it for a long time and want to store it for later, buy a glass air tight container to keep it in and store in a dry cool place. If you want to display it, find a gorgeous bowl to show off their colours.

Give them away!

As I said earlier, you can always pass them to other people as a nice gift. Wrap a beautiful ribbon around the stems or place the potpourri in a beautiful glass jar.Β πŸ’›