5 Ways Reiki (And Energy Healing) Will Change Your Life

Most people ask: “How will Reiki (energy healing) change my life?”

A powerful tool for Self healing and expansion – Let me share from my 12+ years of working with this!

I could give you so many personal reasons why I went down this route of being an energy therapist and how it has helped me for the last 20 years… but I’m more interested in sharing how I have seen it work for many people.

It is a powerful tool and once we all learn how essential our energy system and Chakras are already part of our life, we can tap into a much deeper Self.

5 Ways Reiki & Energy Healing Can Change You:

You will reclaim your inner power

And I mean this quiet literally too! Our inner power comes from a place where we feel more connected to our Self and are able to tap into our inspiration, energy, creativity and more. we ALL have this inner power. By learning about your Chakras through energy healing, you can bring balance to them and tap into the Chakras that can bring you this awareness.

You will begin to see how everything flows (or doesn’t) in your life

Understanding that everything is energy is the first step to creating a life you want – But taking it to another level and being aware of what/how you use your energy system to create or drain your own energy, will give you inner knowledge on how you are channeling your Self in your life – and what you may need to release.

You can tap into techniques to enhance different parts of your life

Each Chakra corresponds to different areas of your life – health, work, finances, home, people etc. By using energy healing and understanding the Chakras, you can then use certain Chakras more to enhance your own life.

You will begin to release anything that no longer serves your journey on a deeper level

Going back to the concept of everything being energy, we also need to be honest about what needs to be released… this is a sign that we are growing and Self evolving forward. In order to move forward, we often need to spring clean our loose ends of energy. Energy healing will help to release those energetic ties and work with the Chakras that need most attention to do so.

You will deepen your connections and attract anything you need into your life

On the other hand, once you release the old energy ties or cords, we then have room to be open to the Universe/You-In-Verse for new ties and connections to be made. Energy healing will create this space and make sure that your energy system is balanced to attract more of what you do want.

There are many forms of energy healing – fro example: Reiki is one of the most popular ones. Each therapist will work differently – some will just do the treatment and some will have discussion on these above topics.

Over the years in my own practice with clients, I have found that discussion and practical tips form a huge part of long-lasting results in working with the Chakras.

I’m a huge believer that it can benefit everyone – follow your intuition when searching for information, teachers, therapists, books etc and you will be lead to trying out energy healing for your Self.

Love & Light,