Having A Bad Day? Try Free Flow Writing To Release & Transform

I am a strong believer that writing is powerful. Putting old-school pen to paper is an amazing tool to release and get it all out. The next time you have a “situation” come up, try this 3 step process!

Today was a crappy day. I could sugarcoat it but the truth is, it really was one of those urrrrggghhhh days. Life has a funny way of brining these moments to keep us in check – to what matters and what doesn’t.

Yes, today I also remembered the power of just getting out pen and paper and letting it ALL go…. I mean EVERYTHING. No holding back, every detail, every frustration, every swear word that comes to mind – no judgement of what it “should” look like… or if it even makes sense! The act of just releasing in this safe space is one of the most liberating tools I return to.

The sheer joy of just ripping up the paper afterwards and watching the shattered pieces suddenly left me feeling light. All that channeled challenging energy suddenly left a huge space within to be filled with new emotions and thoughts.

And then something weird happened… I wanted to continue writing, again, but I wanted to explore solutions – small actions to take. The energy shifted into a positive channel and I felt inspired again. I love those moments πŸ˜ƒ

I want to share a 3 step process that IΒ use often to help me transform my energy into feeling motivated and inspired again πŸ’›

Here are some tips on how to get started

Before You Begin

β€’ You will need: A pen and writing paper, a quiet space where you can be alone

β€’ Think about something recently that has triggered you in any way – especially if it is challenging. Take your time to close your eyes and just sit with what comes up within.

Part 1 – Let it ALL go!

When you are ready, take the first sheet of paper and just start writing – It doesn’t matter how or what comes out… just go with the flow and let the words do their own thing… Even if you write “I don’t know what I’m writing” lol! There is no judgement and this is a safe private space.

Let it ALL go! It’s Ok… let it out.

Part 2 – Reflect on what was behind the trigger

Sometimes situations come up that are not even about the people/places involved, but rather, what is behind the scenes within us.

I will give you a personal recent example:

I was feeling really jealous seeing my friend’s Facebook pictures on her recent trip abroad. I wrote it all out and then when I reflected, I realised it wasn’t even about her or her trip. It was about my need to explore and do the things that I love to do (travel is just one of them). The example continues in the next step.

So, ask your Self: What is this experience really all about?

Put aside your writing for part 1.

On a completely new blankΒ piece of paper, write it out and explore this further – Even if you need to return to this page later.

This gives you a safe and healthy space to reflect and allow anything to come up to the surface.

Part 3 – Taking the practical steps

Now, this is where the transformation begins!

From my personal example shown in the last step:Β 

From this experience, I saw that I wasn’t doing small things daily to make my Self feel like I was experiencing something that inspired me. Travel represented a way to be in new spaces and with new energy.

So, for this step, I wrote down how I could save money for my next trip. I also looked at daily things I could do to get that sense of adventure out – Like taking a different route around my city, going out to a new event that is out of my comfort zone, taking a trip to local areas outside of my city but easy/cheap to get to.

The key question is: How can you take action to move forward in this lesson?

Again, on a new blank piece of paper, I want you to think of the next 3 steps that you could take to move forward. Make this practical and realistic too.

This will give you space to re-channel all that energy previously into a positive flow.

Final tips

These 3 steps can take time to do – It might not happen in just one sitting. Be gentle on your Self!

I have found this to be an excellent journal exercise.

Have fun with the process – It is all about awareness and connecting to your Self on a deeper level, with courage and inspiration. Enjoy πŸ˜ƒ