Berlin In Autumn: Things To Do & Why I Love Berlin In Autumn

I recently came back from my 2nd trip to Berlin in Autumn. In fact, this is my favourite time to travel in general, especially to Berlin. Why? Here are my reasons!

I am still buzzing from my trip last week to Berlin to do a Kundalini yoga workshop. It’s mid-November and I absolutely loved every minute of my trip across this city. Last year was the same.

The beautiful magic of Autumn is full on! Every city has its own character and Berlin just seems to suit Autumn so well. I hear many people say: “But it’s freeeeezing!”… and I get why this might come up, but it’s so worth it! πŸ˜ƒ

This Autumn, I headed back toΒ Kreuzberg for another dose of Autumn bliss and yoga.


Let me share my top 5 reasons…

The parks come alive…








It’s time to wrap up very warm and get out there! Berlin has many open natural spaces to get lost in. I spent hours taking long walks alone and with friends in different parks. My favourite isΒ Tiergarten Park andΒ Treptower Park.

My favourite thing to do is take a flask of hot chocolate or herbal tea, along with some local food to munch along the way.

Embrace creative Berlin…

Berlin is the hub os some serious creative energy. For me, it has always represented a progressive state of being – My motto for this city: “Locura con razon” – blending the best in logical and creative thinking. And somehow, it works!

Explore creative markets around Berlin – I love Berlin for the amount of different markets out there. Indoors and outdoors, I can spend hours browsing the stalls for interesting items and vintage finds.

JazzFest BerlinΒ – If you love jazz, this festival brings together some amazing international and local musicians and artists.

Art Week BerlinΒ – Be inspired! Contemporary art combines exhibitions, art fairs, art awards, and an auxiliary programme featuring talks, films, and tours. In addition, Berlin Art Week provides new, surprising insights into private collections, project spaces, and the city’s sites of artistic production.

Shapes and shadows…

There is something about the darker hours that really brings out the best in this city – from its nightlife to the playful shadows of people rushing past on the streets.

The Festival Of LightsΒ invites you to explore the city in a whole new way! This events really highlights some amazing artists and buildings in the city.


Find new ways to warm up…

As the cold creeps in, Berliners have many ways to have fun! Many of them involves good company, food and drink.

Explore cafes around town – This is when I love to check out new cafes to relax in. Thankfully, there are ALL kinds of cafes to explore – from vegan/vegetarian cafes to bike lover hangouts. Curl up with a good book and a hot chocolate drink.

Time to get deeper into your yoga practice – I had a dream to work in Berlin many years ago and found my Self teaching here this year. There are some wonderful yoga spots around town, no matter what type of yoga you’re into. This is one of my favourite cities to visit for this.

Treat your Self to a day spa – Fancy a massage or a dip in a thermal bath? This is the perfect time of year to indulge further into your Self care routine.

Oktoberfest – It seems like no matter where you live, you can find this celebration hosted somewhere.

Cheese BerlinΒ – Cheese lovers unite! Get ready to stuff your Self with products from amazing producers.