Barcelona Yoga Community: 5 People You Should Know (Part 1)

Barcelona has some serious talent when it comes to all things mind-body-soul. From some pretty amazing yoga teachers to kirtan musicians. It’s hard to size it down to just 5, so maybe this will be part 1 of who you need to know! πŸ’›

5 People You Should Know…

Let me share some of the people who I have been following in the last couple of years and continue to inspire me πŸ’›

🌟 Rafa Martinez

You might think musicians often play well into the background of the lead singers – but not this guy! His energy is very strong, bringing the whole stage performance together with his beats. He’s not hard to miss either, with his beautiful smile and flowing locs. Touring with some great international kirtan artists, watch out for him in the festival near you! Watch him in action in the next video with his friend. Β >> Find Out More Here

🌟 Ravi Ramonada

One thing I love about Barcelona is that the spiritual-holistic community are very interactive with each other. Discovering one person, like the one above, will lead you to many more. Close friends, Ravi Ramonada is another incredibly beautiful musician and kirtan singer. Β >> Find Out More Here

🌟 Manu Om

I first heard of him when doing a Sadhana class early in the morning. He plays along to some amazing classes in Happy Yoga Studio, at the Bhakti Yoga classes too. Catch a class with him >> Find Out More Here

🌟 Hari Bhajan Singh

If there is a yoga event in this part of the world, he’s most likely going to be there selling at the Yogi Tea stand serving some hot yummy chai. He is also a Kundalini yoga teacher, representing the official Kundalini yoga teachers in Spain, AESKY. recognized by KRI (kundalini Research Institute) and IKYTA (International Kundalini Yoga Association). >> Find Out More Here

🌟 Jaya Deva

Jaya Deva is a kirtan artist and so much more! He also organises some outstanding events across Barcelona, like a 3 hour Buddhist concert and kirtan in the park during the summer season. His love and devotion is so deeply shown in his work as he brings together many other beautiful artists in his events. Don’t miss out on the next event to discover more people in the Barcelona spiritual community! >> Find Out More Here


… Watch out for Part 2! ❀️