Sleep Meditation: Plug Into The Universe!

Sleep is a gateway to our subconscious world and beyond – What if we approached our sleep time like a spiritual practice? Try this meditation and plus into the Universe!

I am naturally a night person, I always have been “more awake” at night than any time during the day, especially when I’m thinking up ideas of projects and need inspiration! So, as much as I know sleep is important, I have to admit that I have found it a challenge many times until I put a meditation routine in place…

What if we re-adjusted what we thought about sleep… instead of thinking of it is something we all *have to* do – why not think of it as a space where you are going to be charged and connected to the Universe and all the Self healing tools you need?! How wonderful does that sound… a space where your body and mind will tune into everything you need to re-align your energy system!

Firstly, what is your sleep routine like? Try to “wind-down” at least 30 minutes before which helps – soothing music, meditation, soothing teas, nothing stress-full or mind boggling :)!

This is a very simple meditation and it often sends me drifting off to sleep:

Before lying in bed, set the intention of what you would like your dreams or connection to the Universe to bring you – for example:

“I would like more insight into ideas for….”

“I am open to learning more about…”

“I would like to heal in…”

“Please connect me with…”

When you have that set, lie in bed, take your focus to your breath – feel the natural pattern of your breathing… now slowly deepen your breaths, feeling your chest expanding, imaging that nay stress or negative energy is being released into the Universe every time you exhale….

When you are ready, focus on the top of your head, your crown chakra – this is the area that is most connected to Higher Self and the Universe. Imagine that you are slowly growing a white cord from the top of your head, an open channel….

This channel is getting wider – If you still have any racing thoughts in your mind, imagine it being released into this channel and out into the Universe.

The channel is brighter in White loving light, and you are feeling it grow longer and expanding outwards all around you…. And slowly see it fading into the wider Universe…

Keep breathing deeply, keep releasing all your thoughts out into this channel, keep focusing on your intention…

Most importantly, trust and be open!

If you don’t fall asleep, don’t pressure your Self to do so… just relax in this space! This is such an amazing time to just make time for you πŸ™‚


Your dreams are power-full – keep a dream journal to record any dreams you may have had after this meditation. Even if it doesn’t make any sense now, it might do in the future! And there are plenty of online resources to point you in the right direction of dream insights πŸ™‚