Empath Energy Tips: 3 Key Questions (And Yoga Tips) To Bring Awareness To Your Daily Energy Exchanges

As an empath, the key is awareness – and most empaths are very aware (consciously or subconsciously) of the more subtle realms of life. Here are 3 key questions to tune in!

As we go through life, bringing awareness to our interactions and energy exchanges can really empower our choices and shed light on why we may be feeling low/high energy.

These 3 questions are great to get you started!

Awareness Question 1: How am I feeling before/after my interaction with this person/place/situation?

Let’s start by just tuning in to our every day livesโ€ฆ the interactions we have with our environment and the people around us daily. This question will allow you to take a step back and just tune into your body againโ€ฆ our bodies are amazing at telling us what is feeling good (or not so good) for us! This also makes for a really nice daily journal experience.

โ™ฆ Tip: For one week, have a journal at hand and make your observations on a scale of 1 (most draining) to 5 (most inspiring/energizing) of the top 5 interactions with people or places during that dayโ€ฆ note how you rate your energy before and then after the interaction.

Awareness Question 2: Is this exchange a one-way or two-way effort?

Empaths generally tend to give a lot of energy to people and things in their life. And sometimes, we forget to allow or expect that exchange of energy to be returned back to us too.ย A healthy energy exchange will be a two-way effortโ€ฆ you will receive something back in some form.

A common example I come across in my sessions: Empaths are usually amazing listeners and are there to listen/give advice to their friends at their times of need – Empaths can create a place where people share their most emotional and personal energy. But what I do notice is that these empaths may forget to also receive the more joyous part of their friendships and connections. So, the energy exchange leaves the empath feeling resentful, drained of energy or annoyed that their friend always “downloads” their challenging energy, yet ignores the needs or doesn’t share the more inspiring energy.

If it is a place and not a person, empaths can give a lot of energy to their daily environments – but sometimes forget to acknowledge or receive the benefits of being there in the first place.

So, for this question – be really honest with your Self about the people and places in your life. Are you giving and then also receiving back (in any form at all)? And are you allowing your needs to be met when it comes to the exchanges of energy?

Awareness Question 3: If I can’t leave this person/place, how can I change the dynamics to suit my energy?

Sometimes we can’t always change or make distance between us and the cause of what feels draining to our own energy, so the next best thing is to find a way to manage our own energy.

For example: You may have a colleague or boss that constantly has the same draining effect on youโ€ฆ quitting work for this reason is not always ย an easy or practical solution – you might love you job (despite that person), so what can you do to manage their energy effect on yours?

Another example: If you find that your conversations with a certain person in your life is always draining and you cannot distance your Self from them, how can you change the topics or channel the conversations to something more positive for you?

There are many ways in which you could remind your Self to also protect your own energy field. This can help ground your energy and keep your energy system clear.

โ™ฆ Tip: Use your morning time to do a quick ritual for protecting and strengthening your energyโ€ฆ This way, you set the tone of the whole day to come.

I would like to share 3 things that help me all the time!

As a Kundalini yoga teacher, I want to share 1 yoga set, 1 mantra and one meditation that you can use to help you on your journey ๐Ÿ™‚

Heart Of Gold Kriya (Click here for instructions)ย 

This yoga set always leaves me feeling happy, releasing anything that gets in the way of what my heart connects to. The Heart Chakra is of course a very special place to stay connected to when we are going through our daily life and having energy exchanges. This yoga set will keep you tapped in and radiant.

Chanting Protection Mantra: ย Aad Gurayย Nameh

Aad guray nameh, jugaad guray nameh

Sat guray nameh, siri guroo dayv-ay nameh

“I bow to the primal wisdom.

I bow to the wisdom true through the ages.

I bow to the true wisdom. I bow to the great unseen wisdom.”

[Click here for more information]

I love this mantra. Mantras are so powerful and work to stimulate our energy system through the points in our mouth. It is a deep science that allows us to really change our Self and connect with our true Infinite Self. This is so soothing and I often have this on my music player in my ears when I need a little energy boost. There are many different song versions for this.

Using this mantra with your yoga or meditation:ย If you want to deepen your connection to this mantra, you can play this in the background of your meditation and yoga practice – In Kundalini yoga, you can also use a protection and projection meditation too (video above) – Read the instructions here

Meditation To Remove Negative Thoughts

Ideally, this meditation should be practiced 11 min, but in this video it shows it only for 5 min.

I find that this is especially good for when I am picking up negative energy and thoughts into my own system. Sometimes, we don’t ralise how much we store from our surroundings – so this meditation is great for clearing our negative thoughts – or any negative thoughts we pick up along the day from others.ย 

With time, bringing awareness becomes second natureโ€ฆ you will observe and enjoy the process of being deeply connected to everything around you!