How To Bring Deeper Connection Into Your Life (Includes Meditation)

What does connection mean to you? Take a moment to really reflect on this because this energy can be found in many different forms too. Let’s explore…

I often find that when I talk about connection with people, the first thing that comes to mind is having the right partner for an intimate relationship. While this is definitely a beautiful way to connect, isn’t it important to also be able to find connection from our Self as a source first – and then have relationships and friendships as an extension of it? This is the approach I want to explore in this blog post.

Jupiter In Libra (from September 9th 2016 until October 10th 2017) has made the word “Connection” a huge topic for me and many others in their Self journey. Even if you are reading this blog post long after this time period, the seeds are there to be planted and nurtured for the future. If you’re called upon or feel drawn Β to look at this important part of life, then it’s a wonderful time to dig deep and look within!

Think of connection as a fluid energy that flows and exchanges between our Self and everything/everyone in our daily life. This energy can be expanded with the right connection or drained by things/people/places that take a lot of energy from us. This energy changes everyday too, according to our focus, our moods, our health, our stress levels and who/what we connect with. So, let’s begin by setting some foundations on how we want to create more positive connection (and benefits) in our life.

Get clear about what CONNECTION means to you…

The best way to begin is to get very clear about what this word means to you – Each person will have their own unique meaning.

I suggest getting a journal and writing out a list of what it means to you. You could use these meditations also…

🌟 Meditation 1: Bringing awareness to your inner space…

To start, get a pen and paper and be in a place where you can fully relax in your own space.

Take a moment to breathe in deeply, close your eyes and start to focus your inner gaze at the point between your eyebrows (your 3rd eye for intuition). Then ask your Self: “How do I feel connected?”

See what comes up for you… Allow any thoughts or emotions to surface, any visual images to form or any memories to show up. Also, tune into your body and see how your body is responding to what comes up. Stay here for as long as you like.

When you are ready, open your eyes and write down what came up – even if it makes no sense at all!

🌟 Meditation 2: Remember connection as an emotional energy…

Similar to the meditation above, have a piece of paper and pen ready. Be in a quiet place where you can relax. Close your eyes and focus on the point between your eyebrows for intuition.

Take Β a moment to visualise a time in your life when you did feel completely connected. It could be a time period in your life, a situation or a connection to something/someone… And simply observe what emotions came up for you.

>> Some reflection questions you could use to observe your Self:

What does this situation/person/environment represent to you that makes you feel connected?

How does my body react to the feeling of connection?

How was I channeling my energy at this point to feel connected?

Use this space to create clarity and definition to what you personally feel is connection to your Self.Β It might take some time to go through these exercises and to be honest with your Self, but it’s well worth it! From this point, you can then move forward and expand.

When you are clear, ask your Self: How can I channel this energy in my life now?

Everything is a form of energy, including how you connect your Self to the world around you. Now that you are clearer about what connection means to you, think about who and what you have in your life right now. Again, use a paper/pen to keep track of what comes up.

If you want to be more specific to an area in your life, you can apply all of these exercises to it. For example – exploring a new relationship, how your career/business life is making you feel connected etc.

Think about:

  • The relationships you have in your life: Partner, friendships, work etc
  • How you are connected to each one and what it brings into your life
  • Who/what no longer serves your journey now
  • Practical and realistic ways to change or release the connections so that it can make you feel more connected within
  • New ways you can expand the meaning of connection in your life

Create a weekly plan

Think about how you spend your time each day of a regular week. For the next 7 days, I want you to work with what you have now in your life and take just 1 daily action to bring connection to your Self Β on a deeper level.

Some examples:

  • For more connection to the body: 3 Minutes of deep breathing in the morning before starting the usual routines.
  • For connection to people: Take more time to ask how people are or share a positive conversation.
  • For more connection our Self; Give full permission and hold space to allow your intuition to speak up… and take note.

Connection can actually be very simple actions each day. And they slowly build towards something bigger that we may be aiming for. Explore, have fun and take a leap. SAT NAM πŸ’›