Goddess Festival: Tierra De Lunas (29th April-1st May 2017)

There is a wonderful movement of women getting together and celebrating the Goddess energy, the Divine Feminine. This is an event you won’t want to miss! πŸ’›

It is a 3-day gathering created with the intention of meeting to celebrate our femininity, to honour the Earth in which we live and to generate a space of exchange, learning and communion.

All the proposals in our program have as a common ingredient the commitment to a paradigm shift through the recognition and expansion of intrinsically feminine qualities.

Three days in which we expect a beautiful range of proposals, facilitated by incredible women who will share their knowledge, wisdom, resources, skills and endless experiences and emotions.


In a privileged environment, surrounded by all the exuberant beauty of our Earth, we will live a weekend in communion, sorority, respect and celebration, creating, weaving and holding among all, this beautiful network that represents us, embraces us and impels us to That we can be agents of change in our community.

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I have a background in Psychology & Stress Management Counselling, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Energy Healing & Empath Energy Coaching. My love for holistic health started in the mid-'90s where I started exploring different topics on a personal level - And then I began working with clients in 2004 after studying. My professional practice started in London/UK where I worked in several clinics, as well as opening my own therapy centre on London Wall. I now live my life between London & Barcelona. For me, the world of holistic health and science is an on-going journey, it always inspires me!