4 Ways To Start Your Urban Food Garden (Videos)

Have you ever wanted to create a functional food garden in your city home? It’s not hard…. Watch these 3 inspirational videos to get you inspired!

Many people assume that in order to have a food garden, you need lots of space. Not true! There are many ways to squeeze in a functional food garden in the smallest of spaces – you just need to be creative and inspired! It will save you money too as you can make use of your food left-overs and re-cycle things that might not be of use otherwise.

The wonderful thing about living in Barcelona is that there is sunshine, even in the Winter. Flats and house-shares can be tight, but there is usually a little balcony space or open top space to add a few little plan pots.

Wherever you are, I am hoping that these videos might inspire you to get started on growing your own food and bringing nature home.

Container gardening…

The beauty about container gardening is that it is easy to re-locate if you are renting or moving, you can use some really practical and beautiful containers to grow your food in (glass jars, pretty pots, painted container boxes etc) and you can place your pots anywhere that gets light. You can also choose from a whole spectrum of foods – from fresh herbs to chunky potatoes… Β Click here to get some ideas!

Don’t waste your food, grow them instead!

I can;t think of a better way to start growing our own food, by using up the waste and left-over bits from cooking. Money saver too.

Plastic bottles for growing seedlings…

If you’re looking for an even easier way to grow your little seedlings and recycle your plastic bottles, here is a good way to keep them growing healthy.

The easy way to grow potatoes…

I used to be put off by anything like this – but this makes it so much more easier – without needing a lot of space to grow them in.

I hope this inspires you πŸ’›