Yoga Travel: Spring Events In Barcelona

Barcelona literally springs into action! at this time of the year! At OM Barcelona, all my favourite events are listed… Join us!

2 weeks ago, things started to slowly change… This is a beautiful transitional time of the year (along with Autumn). On my usual yoga hikes in the hills, I did my walking meditation and saw how the trees were starting to grow little pink and white flowers. Nature is waking up and I can’t wait to celebrate this season fully! 💛

Upcoming Events

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Please check our Facebook page regularly for more updates on local events around Barcelona, we update weekly.

MAR 17
Fri 19:30 UTC+01 · 2 friends are going
MAR 18
18 March–19 March · by Barcelona Born Gourmet
MAR 18
Sat 13:00 UTC+01 · Davide Stasi is going
MAR 18
18 March–19 March · by Independent Label Market
MAR 25
Sat 12:00 UTC+01 · Davide Stasi is going
MAR 26
Sun 19:00 UTC+02 · 4 friends are going
1 April–2 April · 3 friends are going
APR 13
13 April–17 April · 5 friends are going
APR 13
13 April–17 April · 2 friends are going
APR 21
21 April–23 April · by Expo Eco Salud
APR 23
23 April–26 April · by Moobit Barcelona
APR 29
29 April–1 May · 6 friends are going
MAY 18
18 May–22 May · 5 friends are going

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