Yoga Travel: Spring In Barcelona ~ Things To Do & Inspire You!

I adore Spring – Everything wakes up! Even with a busy city like Barcelona, the energy starts to shift and you can literally feel the energy rising with the warmer sunshine. Let me share some things I love to do!

We just passed Spring Equinox, the energy is feeling really strong and this is the astrological start to the year! So, if you have been feeling like you’ve missed out on all the New Year resolutions, then here is another chance to get started for real.

With the first New Moon of Spring, this is the perfect space to set some intentions and dream ahead to what you would like to manifest in the warmer seasons, Sun months. The energy is more external, fast and full of movement.

Before I share what I love to do, here are some reflection questions to think about for Spring:

  • What have I been working on in Autumn/Winter so far?
  • How can I bring the results forward and invite new aims and projects in?

Now, let’s get set for Spring!

(Re)Start outdoor classes & physical activities…

No more hibernating… It’s time to get out there! If you have never tried an outdoor yoga class (or any other fitness class),  you are missing out! It’s true – Even in the middle of Winter, Barcelonians love to get out and be active. So, when the spring finally arrives, you’ll be sure to see more outdoor activities in the many parks and beach fronts around the city.

Why not try doing a yoga hike? Or check out your local park for any classes? I find that the best way to get started to spot outdoor classes that you like the look of and ask the teacher about their schedule. This way, you know what to expect, who is teaching and you can ask questions too.

People watch on another level!

The fun way to do nothing… OK, it’s not as creepy as it sounds! And everyone is at it 😃 I love to see cafes thrive and come to life when Spring comes out. The pavements seem to get covered with outdoor seating spaces, each area clearly marking which far off cafe they belong to. Sometimes the cafe can be around the corner or across the street from the chairs/tables which makes for a random game of which place to choose.

Go local for a decent coffee. A descent coffee should not be expensive and if you’re being charged over 2.50 euors for a regular size, then you’re in the tourist zone. Look out for where the locals go and have a drink there instead.

Picnic time – Indulge in good food…

I love fresh seasonal food and this city has plenty of it! Usually all it takes is a trip to the local market where you will see it all for your Self.

If you prefer doing your own thing, why not make a picnic treat to enjoy alone or with friends/family. This is actually one of my favourite things to do… especially on the beach. The water may still be cold but the sand is dry and it’s not hard to find good fresh foods and fresh juices to make your meal.

If you don’t want to cook, there are many spots where you can take away your food and enjoy wherever you want. Head to the market areas where you can find tapas to nibble and take-away. Or you can try choosing a restaurant that offers this service.

My current favourite take-away restaurants are Maoz Falafel & Dolce Pizza Y Los Veganos  My veggie food heaven! I take my order and head straight to the closest park every time. Don’t forget to try Catalan local dishes. My favourite outdoor spaces always seem to offer Calçots

Picnic with a view: Don’t forget that Barcelona has many natural spaces where you can enjoy a horizon view of the city. Bunker del Carmel and Parque del Guinardo are well worth the journey for the long view.

It’s not all about sunshine…

Spring will not always mean the end to the rain… I feel like the weather here can be pretty temperamental. It has its own mind when it comes to these transitional times… so don’t forget to pack an umbrella, even if it doesn’t feel cold or like it’s going to rain.

Tuning in to the season can also offer much more! I love that the New Moon after the Spring Equinox is the real start to the New Year. If this year has been feeling slow, then this is yet another chance to get your intentions flowing!

Why not make the Spring equinox or the March New Moon a day to completely pamper your Self! You can do this in SO many ways… One way I love to do this is to treat my Self to a message. Barcelona has so many therapy centres that offer a range of therapies and prices. As a holistic therapist, it’s always good to be able to receive sessions too. In general, I think each one of us gives so much energy in our daily life, it’s important to be able to hold space for our Self with treats like this. Explore and I am sure you will find one near you.

Sant Jordi (St.George’s Day)

The holiday is on the 23rd of April – This holiday is also known asEl Dia de la Rosa (The Day of the Rose) or El Dia del Llibre (The Day of the Book) and has a wonderful history in Catalonia. If you thought it was only at Valentine’s Day that you will see roses, then you have to experience. It’s a strange mix of celebrating love and literature. If you love both, then you’re in for a treat because this is the day to check out events for literature. It has a e

Places that you will find events: Plaza Catalunya, Rambla de Catalunya and Passeig de Gracia are the most concentrated spots.

Mark your diary for some more amazing Spring events & festivals ahead!

We enter the start of the Sun months – Spring/Summer. Yay! Let’s get planning 😃 There are many festivals to choose from! I want to share my top 5 with you here.

Spring Festivals & Events In Barcelona:



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