Barcelona Event: Fira De La Terra – Earth Fair 2017 (Photos)

Celebrating everything connected to Mama Terra! I absolutely adore this free event in the heart of the city’s park and Arc de Triomf. Take a look…

This year gets better each time – It showcases some of the most creative inspirational and holistic businesses in Spain. You will see stalls with all kinds of products, therapies, therapy schools and more!

As a yoga teacher and someone who adores everything sustainable and holistic, I can honestly say this is a space that shows a lot of love in what it offers. Talk to anyone out here and you will see how passionate they are about their work and what they do – Barcelona may have a rep for being a party capital of the mediterranean, but it also has another side to it as being a self confessed veg-friendly city and vegan capital and truly a holistic hub too.

Here is just a small glimpse of the first day…












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