Badalona: Things To Do ~ Day Trips From Barcelona (Photos)

BADALONA, not Barcelona! 😃 Just a few metro stops from Barcelona, you can reach another part of the coast that can leave you feeling calmer. Here was my Autumn day trip in photos, plus 10 things to do in Badalona. Enjoy!

I have now travelled a few times to Badalona as a day trip. After all, it’s only a metro ride away. The first time I went, it was in the beginning of Autumn – the sun was still hot and the tourists had headed back home. It left me feeling so much more calmer than my usual battle for beach space at Barcelona’s main beaches. In fact, I was wandering where everyone had gone lol! The beach was practically ours on that day – Bliss! 🌴 (Check out my Autumn photos at the end of this post).

Badalona feels much more like a local residential location with lovely beaches. Yet, it still offers many things to do.  Let me share some of the things I like to do.

10 Things To Do In Badalona

🌟 Enjoy more space at the beach

This an obvious part of a trip to Badalona! Many locals prefer to head further out of Barcelona’s main beaches to find a quieter beach to spend the day. And it is worth it!

Apparently, word is out and more tourists have been heading to Badalona’s beaches in the last 2 years – But it is still worth the metro ride to get away from peak time crowds. If you can come during a week day, even better!

🌟 Walk the Pont del Petrol (Map)

This long pier is hard to miss! While you are at the beach, take a stroll and walk down the Pont del Petrol for a good view of the sea and the coastline around you. If you look at the featured picture above, you will see it from a distance. It looks shorter than it is!

🌟 Shopping at Carrer del Mar (Map)

This feels like one of the main shopping high streets in Badalona – A fairly narrow street packed with shops. One minute it feels packed with people – Then during siesta or Sundays, it can feel like you’re the only walking the town! Whether you’re window shopping or looking for a cute Summer outfit, it’s an easy walk from the beach.

🌟 Stroll down Rambla De Badalona (Map)

Start your walking or cycling tour here! There is a train track along the coastline of Badalona. On one side of the tracks is the Rambla De Badalona, where you will find cafes and little streets to explore Badalona.  You could start your own walking or cycling tour from here, after a coffee and a bite to eat!

🌟 Cycle, skate or walk down Badalona’s Passeig Marítim (Map)

This is perfect for a long stretch to cycle, skate or walk along the beach. I usually take this route after sunbathing or after exploring Badalona. Like the beach, this offers a much more spacious area to freely move in compared to Barcelona’s beach paths.


🌟 Take a long route in the nearby green space of Parc Fluvial del Besos (Map)

I am discovering more and more green spaces around Barcelona to explore and I LOVE it! The name of this park translates to the River Park of Besos. It is not far from Badalona – I have walked from Badalona to here, but you can also go to the nearest train station which is Sant Adrià de Besòs (take the R1 train line from Badalona).

In my opinion, it’s not a pretty neighbourhood. It is a a different part of town than Badalona – However, I do like to explore as many places as possible and it does have the iconic 3 towers in the horizon  (Map) – I have walked around and it is mainly residential, not much to see.

So why bother coming here? It is part of The Ronda Verda (Green Round) cycling circuit route. Here, you can bird watch, jog, walk and take part in a huge cycling route. The full route is LONG, made up of 6 different sections across nature inspired areas of the Barcelonès county. The routes are marked and the good news is that you an different sections at a time. This is just one of them! >> This website has more info on the circuit

🌟 Go for a walk through the Parc de Can Solei i Ca l’Arnús (Map)

If you don’t want to wander too far from Badalona and just want to relax in a green space, this is a wonderful park. It reminds me of Badalona’s version of Ciutadella Park, with more space (again). If I am not taking a packed lunch to the beach, this is the other place I go to.

🌟 Visit the Badalona Museum – Museu De Badalona (Map)

Do you want to see  one of the oldest Roman settlements on the Iberian Peninsula? You will enjoy this! Let’s face it… most people who come to visit Barcelona are interested in other things, like the beach, partying and Gaudí (nothing wrong with that!) – I just wish more people would know about this too!

Discover the Roman town of Baetulo – The museum has a 3,400 metres site area which will allow you to walk and see the remains of some buildings and shops at ground level, with lighting and sound effects to recreate the ancient town of Baetulo. A magical experience ❤️ >> Take a look at the Museum’s website for more information

🌟 House Of Dolphins – Casa Dels Dofins

 Explore the museum further! This is a Domus or wealthy Roman villa dating from the late 1st century AD and located in the upper part of the old town of Baetulo. It features several rooms surrounding the atrium, other rooms around the peristyle or garden and a work area involved in wine production.”. >> Find out more!

There is an all inclusive price at the museum to see everything – The Roman Town Site including Thermae and Decumanus, the Museum’s permanent exhibition, House of the Dolphins and Garden of Quintus Licinius: € 6.00 (check official museum website for updates and changes to price)

🌟 Enjoy fresh sea food at Donzella De La Costa (Map)

The taste of the sea doesn’t get any better than this place! I saw a few recommendations online by locals and decided to ask some local friends if all the  hype was true… Confirmed by many locals – This is the spot for the best sea food in Badalona 🐠  ¡Buen provecho! 


Photos: Day Trip In September – The Calm After Summer