Barcelona Cycling Routes: Explore Green Spaces By Bike Or Hiking ~ Ronda Verda Route

See another side of Barcelona! Many people who come to the city enjoy using bikes to get around and see everything in the city… why not challenge your Self to a longer bike ride and explore Barcelona’s green spaces? Here is my favourite cycling route!

One of the things I adore about this city is that it really doesn’t feel like a big city –ย You’ve got the sea and mountains all at once, plus all the green spaces everywhere. Barcelona know how to celebrate nature and gives easy access to it!

Explore a different side of Barcelona…

I want to share a cycling route that not many tourists seem to know about. It can also be used as a great hiking trail. In my recent blog post about travelling to nearby Badalona (read the full blog post here), I mention that there is a wonderful cycling route that explores most of the green spaces around Barcelona. It was purely by accident that I stumbled across this route twice… the first time when I was exploring Badalona and then when I went to do some food shopping (and explore my new location), where I ended up I the hills ofย Torre Barรณ seeing the Ronda Verda sign. This got me curious to try the whole route (eventually!).

Experience the different sides of the city!

What I love about it is that it has a bit of everything – The sea, the mountains, the urban, the middle-of-nowhere landscapes… and you don’t have to explore this long route all at once. You can choose to break it up into the 6 main sections – Click each one to find out more:ย Llobregat, Montjuรฏc, Collserola Park, Besรฒs Riverside Park, Serralada de Marina Parkย andย Sea Front.

This route is one of the reasons why my love for nature and this city has changed in a big way! I used to think that I wanted to always be near the sea, a complete water baby… But since hiking in the hills, I am now feeling more drawn to get away from the crowded beach spaces and find a quiet spot to live in the high grounds above the city. I love how something so simple can change our perception on what we feel we are connected to. Nature has a way of doing this all the time.

Take a look at the route on the map… ย Where will you start?

Ronda Verda – Easy access and facilities

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It feels safe!

Safety is a big factor to keep in mind, especially if you like to travel alone.ย When I went along this route a few times, it feels very safe to do alone. There are solo female joggers, elders and cyclists along the way too – especially during Sundays. I love that I never feel unsafe in this city, even when I go through “rougher” areas or when I am in the middle of nowhere… But still, safety is important to mention. As always, come prepared with what you need and enjoy your Self โค๏ธ

For more information – Check out their website here!