Free Meditation Video: Lion’s Gate Portal (8/8) & Eclipse Meditation + Surprise Offer

August is a life changing month for many of us as we go through the Lion’s Gate 8.8 portal and through the eclipses. Try this meditation…

There is a lot going on! I am hoping that this is a great time to go deep within – To allow our Self to receive and reflect the downloads and inspiration that we are offered, even through any challenges that come up! See below for the full meditation that you can use.

Before we get started – Special price for readers on our new course

I am launching a 7-Day meditation course for empaths at the end off this month (August 21st 2017 at 11:11am UK time). For this, I am offering a special discounted price for anyone who is reading this blog or seeing this video (even if you’re watching this in the far future after this date).

Order now in advance – For $8.88 only energy exchange – Each day, you will receive an audio meditation and an energy tip exercise to reflect and work on during that day. All you will need is a new journal and to make some time in the morning and evening to listen to the meditation and write your observations. If you have any questions, et in touch: or buy now in advance:

7 Day Meditations For Empath Course – 8.88 Euros


Get seated and ready!

Now, let’s get back to the meditation you can try today! I invite you to be open, to allow anything to surface (emotions, thoughts, inspirations, challenges etc) and use your breath to release anything that doesn’t serve you. During the month of the Lion’s gate or around eclipses, it’s a good idea to really nurture your Self so try this meditation a few times throughout this time period and write a journal to see what downloads or inspiration you get. ENJOY! ❀️