Barcelona Attacks: Reflections From My Heart

This is a raw and personal blog post. Barcelona is starting to show me more and more about my Self everyday – 2017 has been a challenging year!


This isn’t the first time that I’ve felt these raw feelings – When things like this happen, I start to get the same dull sensation in the pit of my stomach… the same one that I remember many years ago when I lived in the Middle East and was there before/after the 90’s Gulf War, the same feeling I got after arriving to London from a holiday in Berlin to get caught up in the London riots – and during the many times this year in 2017 – where the London attacks (twice) and Manchester hit close to me or someone close. Another one to add to 2017 is this – the Barcelona attacks. It’s starting to feel like a strange  nightmare déjà vu.

MY heart got out to everyone who has been affected by this tragedy! ❤️ I want to share my personal raw thoughts and lessons from what has happened…  

Reflections From My Heart:

🌟 Unity, from ALL sides.

Unity with the people, from across the world! This is peak time holiday seasons. While Barcelona is a very multi-cultural city, peak times sees an addition of people from all over the world coming for their Summer holidays. It was beautiful to see the connection between a global village in Barcelona.

Unity across political parties – As many may know, there has been a heated energy  cloud in this city recently with the uncertainty of the Catalan referendum issues. It was refreshing to see the unity between everyone, no matter what their political views are. It was also clear that in times like this, all differences were put aside. Maybe this might make an impact on the wider political picture in the next few months. Time will tell.

Unity from the Muslim community with everyone. The love and support for us to remember that these acts do not represent the Muslim community. The unity from everyone, in many communities from Barcelona, was a beautiful thing to see!

🌎 Are some tragedies more important that others around the world?

It seems so… according to the mainstream media. I find my Self feeling sad that there seems to always be some tragedies that get more coverage than others – Aren’t we all humans, no matter which part of the world we are from?

❤️ “No Tinc Por” –  Choose LOVE.

Yet again, events like this remind me that we are now more exposed to what is going on… Through social media, the news, word of mouth etc. With this information (or in some cases, mis-information), we can choose how we react to negative situations.

This reminded me to stay focused on what I LOVE in life… In moments like this, things suddenly become very clear again. I remember who and what touches my heart. I am reminded of why I am here in this city.

I consciously want to make choices from a place of love – not fear or hate or doubt. If anything comes up, I return to my heart space, the intelligence of the Heart Chakra.

What we see on the TV and the media can be part of this fear energy too. I am reminded to be careful what I read, listen to and surround my Self with. Luckily, there are many positive things that are also balancing out the chaos, even when there is no focus on it.

⛵ The ripple of emotions in a small city…

This was the first time in a long time that I felt the ripple of emotional waves this strongly… It’s not hard to avoid it, especially when Barcelona feels more like a small village in these occasions. I found my Self thinking back to the other events this year – While I felt it deeply, I also didn’t feel the same urgency as I did now to check up on everyone I knew. I was puzzled as to why this realisation came up… It wasn’t that I didn’t feel other attacks deeply – it was just very different in how I reacted.

When something happens in the centre of Barcelona, it hits everyone! The likelihood of someone you know being in the central area is much bigger. The probability of our Self being in the same streets is a very real too. Almost everyone I knew was literally just a few minutes from the attack (unlike the other city attacks this year).

The ripple effect seems bigger in a smaller pond... I think this is why I found my Self soaking up more of the energy around me, as well as dealing with my own grief. As an empath, the energy around me was so intense!

🌅 Calm after the chaos…

The large waves of terror came with the calm of the Solar Eclipse. One minute we talk about the devastations of the world around us – yet in the next minute, we all stop to marvel at the beauty of life and nature. I felt like this Solar eclipse really intensified the highs/lows of the last couple of days.

From weeping tears as I stood by the sweet smelling candles and messages at the Canaletas fountain – to weeping for joy at the silent moments of darkness that amazed everyone… It’s safe to say the rollercoaster this past few days has left me feeling exhausted, tired and inspired all at the same time. The next few days I want to spend resting in nature, somewhere in the hilltops of Barcelona.

This Solar Eclipse was special – A deep meaning can be reflected from this natural event (read this for inspiration). It marks the beginning of many new things in our lives over the next 6 months – PLUS in a 1 numerology year, the first year of new beginnings for the next 9 years. Whether you’re into this kinds of stuff or not, it doesn’t matter because these events do shape the world around us.

We move forward, as we always do…

The flowers, the sweet smelling candles, the beautiful messages are now being taken down… this section of the street looks odd without them. But it is time to move forward.

With more love in our hearts, more light, more clarity and a deeper sense of gratitude for life.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy ❤️