2018: 3 Habits I Want To Replace & Replace With Positive Inspiration

2017 in Barcelona was tough. Not just on a personal level, but also with the intense energy of the political scene and terror attacks. Let me share the positive lessons I learned from these experiences and the habits I want to release.

If you didn’t hear about the terrorist attacks, the Catalan independence and referendum movements in 2017, I would be amazed! For months, the air felt thick with tension as it rocked the Spanish system and everyday life in Spain. ย Some days, we were faced with rows of police and blocked streets. Most days during the last months of 2017, there was a low buzz of helicopters scanning the city. We were literally bombarded with all sorts of images, news and fear-based media. It all got a little too much. It was at this point that I was thankful that I had moved away from the city centre just before it all began to really heat up in Summer onwards.

It is not the first time I have been close to similar situations – But I think this was the first time I had a real choice to make about whether I still wanted to stay or not. In fact, I wasn’t the only one as many friends started to express and wander the same thing too. All in all, I am proud that I stuck to my instincts.

As always, I like to see the positive in everything. The energy tone has already been set! 2017 was also a number 1 year in numerology to start building a solid foundation – a very masculine energy indeed! 2018 had a very different start with a feminine Full Super Moon In Cancer (on New Years Day!) and the start to a special 2018 number 2 year in numerology. We are invited to explore the positive aspects of the strong feminine energy that we all have within. January 2018’s theme has already been set too Evaluation & Action.ย What better way to get inspired to set some positive intentions!

I prefer to focus on releasing or replacing old habits as a new year’s resolution. I like to also be realistic and work with practical steps to achieve something. Habits take time to form. Think about your daily routines – they are all habits when it comes down to it. Some habits have probably been around for many years too.

2018 – Here are 3 habits I choose to replace with beautiful inspiration…

๐ŸŒŸย I no longer want to take *home* for granted – To make my home space super sacred

Our home is where we re-charge our energy.ย I think we can often take this for granted and use this space in a casual way. This year I want to dedicate more time to creating a much more energised space to create, explore, relax and be inspired in.

Home has such a personal meaning to each person. What does home mean to you?ย For me: Whether I am renting a room or staying in a flat/house, home has always been more of an internal thing for me – The physical aspect of it was not as important. But in 2017, this changed – For the first time in my life (I have been moving around for all it!), I yearned for a space that I knew was not temporary for once… or at least, to have a space where I could literally build up my own personal space and energy. ย This has started to take shape and I feel much more grounded for it!

Whether your personal space and home is a bedroom in a shared flat or a mansion, we can all benefit from creating a positive area to re-charge and feel inspired by. This is *your* place to hold space for your Self fully every day. I choose to nurture this area of my life more from now on.

โœ…ย Practicalย Tips: To keep your home space with positive energy:

  • Reflection Q: Is your daily environment very masculine or feminine energy? How can you balance it in your home? For example: When I am in London, the energy is ultra yang/masculine, I always had to find a way to bring the feminine softer energy in my home to balance my own energy. In Barcelona, I do the opposite and keep my space active and fast paced.
  • Choose a place to call home that *feels* right, trust your instinct on this!
  • Add plants and nature into your personal home space
  • Have a clear-out of physical objects at the start of each new season
  • Diffuse or spray essential oils regularly
  • Take your shoes off at the door to leave old energy behind
  • Only invite people in your personal home space that inspire you and you feel the energy is two-way positive.

๐ŸŒŸ Don’t focus too far or fast ahead – Just focus on a month at a time

Are you the type of person who creates many goals, plans and ideas all once when you are inspired? Maybe, like me, you do this and then feel overwhelmed by it all – To the point that many of those goals don’t always get fulfilled. It always happens! With positive intentions, I will make a long list and I soon find that I spread my energy way too thin in everything. The actual results I get are mainly OK-ish… sometimes not accomplished, postponed for a later date or not to the level I hoped for. I am a perfectionist and my own worst critic which doesn’t help! This year, it is going to be different.

My aim: 1 big project or goal a month. Don’t get me wrong, I will do other things on the side but the main goal will be the big umbrella above all the smaller tasks.

โœ…ย Practical Tip: Organise your next 6 months in an easier way!

  • Get your calendar out and think of one main goal/project for each month for the next 6 months.
  • If you need to do anything ahead of time that can’t wait (before the month of your goal/project), spread it out and mark it in. For example: If I am planning a trip in month 6, I will mark a date in month 1 or 2 where I will book a flight for cheaper tickets.
  • Each month, with each monthly goal, break each week down to practical realistic steps.
  • Keep track by writing it all down – Bullet journalling is something I am looking into for this. But any journal or diary is perfect.

๐ŸŒŸย I no longer want to rush ahead –ย Enjoy each stage fully!

We are now so programmed to plan ahead and think about the next step that we often forget to fully enjoy exactly where we are in our life. Maybe the fast pace of life and social media has a part to play in all of this. Maybe we are all just getting used to wanting “bigger and better” for our Self, maybe we compare our life to others’ sometimes and it stirs up competition (and other emotions that can be challenging – like FOMO-Fear-of-missing-out, envy, feeling inadequate etc)… It’s a mix of things I guess! In the process, we miss out on enjoying our life by mentally skipping ahead all the time.

I’ll be honest, I have been doing A LOT of hard work in the last 10 years, with not as much fun. I achieved a lot of my goals (which I am thankful for) but I also feel like I could have enjoyed the actual process of getting “there” with each goal/project in a healthier way. I don’t want to miss out on what really matters each day, being/enjoying NOW.

2018 is a very feminine energy of receiving and being strong in a different way. We are all used to having to push and pull for what we want in life – What if we allow and hold space for it to naturally come and ease into our life. We can still achieve what we want, but the approach is fluid and adaptable. This requires so much more trust and emotional intelligence – in our Self and in the Universe/You-In-Verse (“God” or whatever you want to call it). No matter what our gender, our divine feminine energy is being called upon to approach our goals this year with a bigger heart.

5a49331d9f8d3fab6a73606914caeabaโœ…ย Practical Tips: Gratitude and holding space is the way forward!

  • A gratitude journal or jar can remind us of what really matters
  • Get a large mason jar and a selection of coloured cards or paper. Each day, write one lesson or gratitude note that you experienced during this day. roll or fold it up and place it in the jar. At the end of the year, you will have a jar full of blessings!


I wish you all a wonderful, inspired and love-filled 2018! โค๏ธ