A Weekend In Barcelona Itinerary (Free Map) – Vegetarian / Vegan Food, Main Attractions & Nature

I always get asked for advice on places to visit and see during the weekends! Here is a free itinerary (plus Google maps and walking routes) for some inspiration!

Planning a weekend in Barcelona? Here is an easy-to-follow way to see most of the main attractions, try out the gorgeous veggie foods and take in nature.

One of the best things about Barcelona is that it is very easy to get around. This can be by bike, on foot or whatever else you fancy (like skateboard or roller-skates!). It’s not a big city, yet there is so much to see – And the views getting to each place always inspires me.

Even in Winter, there is sun. I never let the cold get in the way of exploring the city… the good news is that there is a lot of sunshine, even when it feels a little chilly. Luckily, the cold doesn’t seem to last a long time here…. But if you do decide to come during the late Autumn/Winter, wrap up warm and take a city hike!

Let me share a simple weekend plan with you. This plan is for those who love to explore the city by foot and eat some veggie food along the way –Β Enjoy! ❀

βœ…Β Using the map – Tips:

🌟 To use the map, click the top left hand corner to see Day 1 & Day 2’s trip plan.Β The location points are put in order (they will have details/photos from Google Maps). You can also check each day for walking instructions and a direction line on the map if you tick these check boxes too – it makes it easier to follow the walking route.

🌟This plan was designed for an early start to the day, to fit everything in and enjoy each location at an easy pace.

🌟 Be prepared for weather changes (especially in the Spring or late Autumn). Generally, the weather isn’t so changeable but it’s always good have something to wrap in and an umbrella during these times of the year, just in case of a quick rain shower and to keep warm.

🌟 Make sure you wear some comfortable shoes for walking. 

🌟 Please be sure to double-check the opening hours of the restaurants/cafes in case they change.

If you want me to make a personal plan for your trip, I can plan it using TripUniq – Click here for more details.

A Weekend In Barcelona:

πŸ‘£Β Free walking Route:Β Get the direct link on Google Maps – Click Here!