Barcelona Map: Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona

Are you looking for vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafes to go to? Get your free map here by Google Maps πŸ“

“Where can I find some good vegan and vegetarian food in Barcelona?” – I always get asked this question by students and friends.

There are way too many places to list and choose from if you’re looking for a vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona – After all, this city has declared its Self as a veggie friendly city. Β So, I thought it would be easier to put together a free online map of my favourite spots.

This map is always expanding – I have now included some other things, like places to shop and do a yoga class. Watch this space for more to come as I continue to explore this city too!

Be sure to click the menu on the left hand side to choose different areas to explore – Enjoy ❀️

Google Map Link: The direct link to the Google Maps is here!