Life Transitions & Changes: 8 Things To Remember

Some life changes and transitions can be exciting… and some can be very scary. Some can come out of the blue… and some can be pushed upon us by unseen circumstances. Whatever the situation, life transitions bring up all sorts of things within each of us.

You are not alone if you are going through life changes, big or small – These last couple of years have been a big challenge for many of us! All the emotions, fears and worries can sometimes be overwhelming to deal with, especially if we haven’t figured out where we actually want to be/go to next.

Here are some tips that have always helped me get through the past transitions in my life. I hope this helps ease the process into a more positive and excited state of mind 🙂

8 Things To Remember During A Life Transition

🌟 Trust your Self… and the process!

Right now, it might feel like everything is in the air… but one of the first things to focus on is trust in your Self.

You will get through it, you always do! 🙂 It will mean taking each day as it comes, small baby practical steps and a strong belief in your Self.

🌟 Surrender and listen…

Bringing awareness to where you are now helps to develop our neutral mind. It allows us to be at a space where we can observe fully and then take the actions.

As we move through the transition, having a neutral mind and surrendering to the process will also allow anything that need to come up to be released fully.

Take a deep breath… go through your usual daily routines with an open heart and just listen. Amazing things happen when we listen deeply.

🌟 Be your own best friend…

Most of us are very critical of our Self… we judge or focus on the things we feel are negative and keep this as a focus. Half of these critical thoughts are probably things you wouldn’t dream of saying to your best friend!

It’s also much easier to give advice, love and attention to others around us than to our Self.

So, the next time you are feeling down or critical of your Self, remember to be your own best friend now!

Reflection questions: Would you say these things to anyone? If your best friend came to you today and asked for your advice, what would you tell them?

🌟 This is a sign that you are growing and learning about your Self…

I am a string believer that even in the most challenging situations, the Universe/You-In-Verse is doing it for a reason. We are called upon to make changes to move forward in our lives… and this is an opportunity to make choices that are right for us.

Transitions are always a sign that you are evolving, moving forward and you will be stronger for it too.

If things don’t feel good now, know that this is temporary – it’s a case of making a new space (emotionally, mentally, maybe physically and literally too) in your life more “at home” for you to expand.

🌟 Give your Self a positive space to nurture your energy…

Start from the place nearest you (maybe your home or your bedroom) and begin to create a space where you can nurture your Self. This includes time to rest, to think, to observe, to eat for energy and to do nurturing activities (like meditation or yoga) to keep you strong during this time.

Avoid things or people that feel draining to your energy as much as possible. Now, you will need all your inner strength and energy to channel it to your Self.

This in itself can bring up issues, like feeling guilty of spending time alone or not used to being alone, but it is essential. This will give you the room you need to recharge, focus and get inspired again with what you can now do in your new stage.

Have a clear-out: Now is the perfect time to cleanse your home or bedroom, release things that no longer serve you… and in turn, you could actually create more energy. Give old items to positive places… like a charity, to a close friend/family member.

Make your bedroom space sacred: This is where you re-charge your Self at the end of each day. Keep this area stress-free and light.

Start a regular routine for reflection: This could be at home or outside home. I recommend having something at home. A great time to start meditation, yoga or anything creative that you enjoy doing.

Create a meditation alter/space: It can be a big room or a corner of a room… creating a sacred space for reflection does not need to be huge. This is just a dedicated space where you can explore your self and be creative.

🌟 Build the bigger picture in your head…

If you don’t have a plan yet, this may be the time to build the bigger picture in your head first.

After you have a picture, then it might be easier to piece together what practical steps you can do to work towards the goals.

Reflection questions: If money was not an issue, what would you like to do now? If what people thought of you no longer mattered, what would you do? What have you always wanted to do but were too afraid of?

Get a journal or scarp book to keep track: This is a great time to start writing or creating a scarp book to put all the ideas together. This will help with releasing emotions and connect you to seeing your inspirations. Also, you could explore practical steps you can do, small baby steps to move forward.

Build a vision board: Vision boards are another option to use, where you can visually put together the bigger picture of what you would like >>>Watch a video for this

Try a visualization meditation: If you have a rough idea of what you would like, take a moment to meditate on this. Sit in a quiet place, spine straight, long deep breathing, close your eyes and focus on your 3rd eye (point between your eyebrows)… and begin to imagine that you are already doing/being in that place you are aiming for. What does it feel like? Paint the picture in your head. What comes up within you? What emotions come up – Excitement, fear… happiness? Observe how you react when you are already there in your mind… allow any fears or challenging thoughts to come up. Allow your body to tell you how you are feeling. Then, journal your experiences afterwards.

🌟 It’s natural that people and things may come and go…

Moving forward will mean that you might have to release the old… and this could mean that some things/places/people no longer feel right for you. I find that this can be the hardest thing sometimes as we may be attached to them in many ways.

Take a deep breath… it’s OK. It’s OK to allow this to happen. Focus on the things that YOU DO want to keep in your life instead…

Write a list of people and things that matter to you now: Keep this as a reminder on what/who to focus on.

When you release, this leaves room for new things/people: It may feel like letting go will leave you tint an empty lonely space… but know that actually, this is freeing up your energy to bring new (and more inspiring) things/people towards you!

🌟 Meditations and yoga set to get you through…

Drop into your heart Chakra: Your heart and Solar Plexus will be working hard during times of change… the hart will be balancing out all your Chakras and your Solar Plexus will bring up old fears/patterns/etc in order for you to bring awareness to them, to release them and break old cycles to move forward. Drop into your heart space and let it take care of everything!

Keep your energy flowing with this yoga set: It’s so important to keep our body strong, to get grounded and to keep healthy. This is a short yoga set that you can try that will be perfect to keep that flow going >>>Read it here

I wish you all the best in your transition – may it bring you many beautiful things in your life as you grow!