Things To Do In Barcelona: These Monthly Alternative Events Will Inspire You

Being in a new city means exploring new routines. This includes the choices of places and events to enjoy. In this blog, I want to share some of these creative, holistic and fun Barcelona spots with you.

I keep saying this but it is SO true – Barcelona stays alive all year… unlike many other beach cities. This city will keep you inspired and busy! Whatever you’re into, you will find it here. I love how diverse the events are – and it won’t cost you much to enjoy.

Over time, you will probably start to recognise the regular events that inspire you. If I’m not strolling around in nature, I usually like to visit events that are connected to health, food and music. Let me share some of them with you here.

Facebook is the best place to keep track. I have tried to limit my time on social media these days, but Facebook still remains the best place that helps me keep track of events and last-minute changes. I’ve included the Facebook pages here for this reason… Be sure to check the Events section for all the latest updates – For example: Most events run throughout the whole year but sometimes, there is a break during the Summer months. Have fun!

 🌟 Vegan Fair ~ Feria VeganaSMALL FACEBOOK ICON

Yum, let’s get right into the delicious parts! This event brings together a whole community of vegan-loving people. It’s not just about the food too – As well as having delicious treats, there are talks and music shows to take in. So far, this event feels really close-knit and cozy… A friendly hub that buzzes with people who want to share their products and positive energy.

🌟 Earth Market ~ Mercat de la Terra – Slow Food BarcelonaSMALL FACEBOOK ICON

Foodie lovers will enjoy these next 2 markets! While the beautiful vegan fair focuses on veggie loving themes, this market brings in many different elements – Not all are veggie friendly, but you will always find quality options to munch on. This market also celebrates local foods and traditions – For example: The Catalan Calçotades is a popular theme, where you will be queuing up to try their delicious sweet char-grilled spring onions known as calçots.


A wider variety of street food to try! This is another food event that seems to expand every time I go. The range of food stalls and food trucks will keep you looking around for your next bite – FOMO (Fear-Of-Missing-Out) with food! It can be a little overwhelming sometimes. If you are a veggie eater, it can take some time to stroll around for the right vendor – but when you do find a spot, it’s really worth the effort. I have found some veggie street food gems in these events. Just for the atmosphere alone, I would happily come and sit here all day, people watching at its best.

🌟 Flea Market BarcelonaSMALL FACEBOOK ICON

Maybe you just want to browse through a whole heap of random beautiful things? This space is a real pick-and-mix spot where I never know what I will find or see. You will find the usual 2nd hand clothing racks – Sometimes the event focuses on music and other times it’s a real mash-up explosion lol. You might find your Self unconsciously developing a habit of seeking out odd things… My obsession with collecting random big keys (from old antique buildings) continues!

🌟 Barcelona Vintage MarketSMALL FACEBOOK ICON

Vintage, vintage, vintage! More clothes, stalls and occasional food trucks. I really like their new location at Nau Bostik. For me, the energy starts to feel more like I am in a creative hub somewhere in Berlin (like Neue Heimat or RAW Flohmarkt) rather than Barcelona. Plus, it’s not in the city centre (it’s still easy to travel to by metro) and you can explore the outer neighbourhood of Sant Andreu.

🌟 Poetry Slam BarcelonaSMALL FACEBOOK ICON

A thriving spoken word and slam poetry event. I started to enjoy these types of events in London, back in the day when this concept was still raw from the US scene. Since then, I have been seeking out spots for spoken word wherever I travel. Just like the one in Madrid, this event brings together artists and true expression – Sometimes it’s political, sometimes it makes you giggle and most times I don’t understand a word of it (if it’s in slang Catalan!) – I always enjoy it. If you’re looking for a fast way to learn a language, this event will push you in a different way.


There are times when you just need to let it ALL go! Why not join in the “conscious party” scene and try this night out. Express your Self through mindful movement, with positive energy and people… These events hold space  to connect to music and your body on so many levels. Kick your shoes off, close your eyes and see what happens!

Boom! Hopefully, this will give you some inspiration to explore different things this weekend or on your next trip to Barcelona ❤