Meditation Tips: 5 Ways To Do Meditation Anytime & Anywhere

Hands up if you think meditation is something that can only be done in a quiet space and away from our daily routines? Don’t miss out! Meditation can be done anytime and anywhere, even when you’re in the middle of your hectic day. No need to join a yoga studio for these tips!

Why must everything be so complicated?ย One of the most valuable things that I have learned while working with my students is that people want PRACTICAL tips and information to incorporate it into regular daily life routines… And why not? There is no need to make everything so long-winded and overwhelming. A healthy lifestyle can be simple.

Meditation is also easy. We don’t need to always be in a quiet space to do it. We don’t need to be in a certain setting either. ย We don’t need to be cross-legged. And it doesn’t have to take hours. The best way to use meditation is during our day… doing what we normally do – To engage our awareness with our Self and how we are feeling. Don’t believe me? Well, let me share 5 meditation tips that you can do every day and it really isn’t complicated!

Here are 5 tips to starting meditation during your day!

โ˜€ย Set your daily intention…

The way you start your morning creates the tone (energy flow) for the rest of your day. Take a moment to reflect – How do you normally start your mornings? And how does it affect your energy and mood throughout the day? What if you could just spend a few moments to treat each day like a sacred space, no matter how stressful it may be. The easiest way to do this is to start with setting an intention during the first few waking moments.

โœ…ย How to do this: The moment you are conscious of slowly waking up in the morning, make the next few minutes your time to set an intention. You don’t even have to get out of bed to do this… Lie there, keep your eyes closed if you like and hold space for your Self to feel gratitude for what you have (even the smallest thing counts, like having a safe place to sleep last night!) – Then, take a moment to invite an intention for your day. What would you like to explore about your Self today? If you don’t have anything in mind, you could set the intention to just be open to the day’s lessons and to react to each situation from a place of love. Another intention I like to do is to allow my Self to be open to what my intuition is telling me throughout the day. Whatever you choose to set your intention is like an energy stamp for the next 24 hours.

โ˜€ย Breath is key…

Let’s just get back to basics and remind our Self that meditation is about awareness. Plus, whatever you are doing each day, one thing is guaranteed to be true – you need to keep breathing! So, why not make this a simple practice throughout our day, no matter what we are doing.

โœ…ย How to do this: Each day, choose a random moment to continue what you are doing – but to start to become aware of your breath and its natural rhythms. Reflection questions: How are you breathing right now? Is it light or heavy? Deep or shallow? Then slowly and consciously start to breathe in/out deeper – feeling your lower belly expand/contract with each inhale/exhale. Engage with your breath and your belly as you continue your day. This is known as Long Deep Breathing (LDB). You could do this for 3 minutes minimum. ย >>>To explore it, read this.

โ˜€ย Ground Your Self…

Let’s extend the last tip further now! It is time to bring awareness to how you move around throughout the day. This helps bring our focus from our head space and mind (which most of us are constantly in!) into our body and our interaction with the physical environment. This is a very grounding technique, working with your lower Chakras too and connecting to the earth.

โœ…ย How to do this: Take a random moment each day when you are moving and walking from point A to point B. As you walk and move, start to become aware of your feet and your strides. If you are on a bike or wheelchair, you could do the same by bringing your connection with your body and to what you are sitting on. Then, take a moment to consciously feel the pace, the strides, the movement and how your body feels in this connection. Just take this moment to enjoy it in any way you like – you could also slow it down and synchronise your breath with your walking strides or movements. Connect with your body fully – and keep moving to where you need to go.


โ˜€ย Life is a picture…

We are always surrounded by beautiful things! we might just forget this as we continue with our usual routines. In this meditation tip, we will engage our eyes and what we can see… Being conscious of what interests us and catches our attention. Let’s be reminded that our sight sense is important for enjoying each moment, not just for staring at a TV/phone/computer screen and catching up on social media!

โœ…ย How to do this: Wherever you are, take a moment to stop and take your gaze around this space your are in… Reflection questions: If you could pick 1 thing to focus on that you like, what would it be? What colours attract you right now in this space? How does this space make you feel? Keep asking your Self these types of questions and connecting your eyes to what you find interesting, inspiring and/or different. Most importantly, put your phone away for this!

โ˜€ย Heart-Full Shielding…

There are days when you might be feeling sensitive or overwhelmed with it all! This is a great time to do some heart-full shielding of energy around you and how your energy interacts with your external world. Let’s radiate from our heart โค

โœ…ย To do this: Take one of your hands and place the palms on your heart area (middle upper chest area). Feel your heartbeat under your hand and connect to the beat. For the next 3 minutes: With each heart beat, feel this as a pulse of energy growing around your heart space – Allow this expanding ball of energy pulsing around your heart to get bigger each time, until you are completely surrounded by this energy bubble around you (pulsating with your heart at the centre). When you are ready, release your palm and carry this energy ball into your day as a visualisation – Be reminded of this natural loving protection bubble that will shield your aura from negativity or stress around you. This will subconsciously bring awareness and set the intention (to your energy body) to only interact with things/people/places that are in sync with what feels good and heart-full to you – And to shield off and stop your aura from absorbing anything that doesn’t.

I challenge you to pick one of these tips and try it today!

Try it out, even for just a minute and be aware of how you feel before/after your experience. This can make an interesting daily exercise to try for 40 days (the time it takes to change a habit) and use a journal to track your experiences. Enjoy โค

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