Holistic Minimalist Living Tips: 5 Simple Living Tips For Everyone

Being a *Minimalist* has become a trendy talk-point for many people who are seeking to improve their lifestyle. It may seem overwhelming at the beginning to try to do this in our own life – Let me share simple tips for embracing simple living, without having to compromise what you love!

The truth is we are all different… I am a strong believer that each of us will experience different areas of Self exploration in different ways – it doesn’t mean that one way is right and one way is wrong, we just need to explore at a pace and way that suits our needs. The same applies for living a Minimalist or Simple Living lifestyle – One person may be very happy with literally living with no more than what is in their backpack, while someone else might own a flat and still manage to make this lifestyle work for them.

I want to also include health and holistic lifestyle tips into this… For me, finding practical and simple tips to add/explore positive habits that work with our lifestyle/daily routine is just as personal and unique.

5 Holistic Minimalist Living Tips

☀️ Every object has an energy tie… keep it positive!

giphyThink about everything that you own right now… Most of the minimalist and simple living lifestyle tips seem to focus on our material possessions. So, I thought I would start with this tip. It makes sense too – Each physical and material object will have an energy connection to it – whether it’s for a purpose, for the way it makes you feel etc. It’s rarely “just an object”.

Part of the minimalist and simple living lifestyle is to keep what makes you feel good and release what actually does not serve you. This can change too. What may have been good in your life last week may just be a stale-energy/unused object taking up room in your living space today. Clothing is a classic example! Maybe you loved a top one season, wore it all the time and then you now find it almost abandoned in your closet… why would you want this energy taking up space for something new that you do love again?

Create flow again! Actually, we don’t really need so many things to live with anyway so why not be picky! Go through all the objects you own and start to work out what does not need to be in your life right now – You could then give them away to friends, sell them or donate them to charity… this creates more energy flow into your life, leaving more room (and money if you are selling) to invite what matters to you now.

✅ Quick Tips: If you buy something you new, release something old. If you haven’t used it in the last 3 months, do you really need it? What makes your home space feel “too busy”?

☀️ Time is your most valuable asset…

Who knows what will happens tomorrow! We take life and time for granted sometimes. This easily done when we get stuck in routines and doing things that don’t give us pleasure and make us feel happy and fulfilled (even when they can be challenging to do!).

There is a fine balance to get the timing of everything right. The Glorification Of Busy can often mean that we can almost feel guilty if we aren’t on-the-go and doing something that “should be” productive – Yet at the same time, making time to enjoy simple pleasures relaxing can be wasted if we are not consciously being fully present (by being distracted by feelings of guilt for not doing anything, through scanning our phones/emails/social media, by focusing on thoughts away from what is in front of us… etc). We also spend so much time in our head space thinking about what is going to happen later or what we need to do…. Ahhhh, Can we just start to enjoy THE NOW again please lol?!?

Let’s start to be smart about how we spend our time, while still getting things done. I will list some of the tips below – but I also want to share one way to do so here… It’s all about good time management.

“What Is Important Is Seldom Urgent and What Is Urgent Is Seldom Important” ~U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhowe

✅ Quick Tips: Explore The Eisenhower Decision Matrix to plan your time and make the most of each day! This is a fantastic way to get clear about your tasks and time according to the urgency and importance. Give it a try! Don’t forget to add time for your Self care routines to your to-do list!

☀️ Spend more time around people and places that make you feel energised…

I recently did my first podcast that explores this:

Energy management is a BIG thing that we don’t realise affects us. To keep it simple, our choices in where/who we spend our time in/with can have health benefits/challenges for us too. It all adds up.

For the things you can change now, choose wisely… If you could choose who and where you connect with, why not add and make a conscious effort to be closer and nurture that connection.

For the things you can’t change, choose to change the dynamics or plan ahead… For example: You might hate your job and it sucks the living energy out of you, but you need it to pay bills – Maybe choose to remind your Self of what experiences/lessons you are picking up that will become useful for your next move. You could also now plan to actively seek out or explore options that would make you feel happy. If you know it won’t make money at the moment (like if you wanted to become freelance), you could still start it up and juggle it with your current job. There are ways and it might not happen over-night… The first step is to figure out how to practically start the process.

✅ Quick Tips: The signs are clear – Ask your Self if you feel drained, inspired or neutral after having an interaction with a place or person. Tune in, your energy levels will tell you. Whatever inspires you, make time for it.

☀️ Explore simple meditation techniques that you can do ANY TIME…

Being a healthy minimalist means finding a practical way of enjoying health in your daily life... And meditation is one of these areas where I guarantee you that you CAN make time for it, even when you are doing your usual daily routines. Meditation does not have to take up time and be away from your usual routines…

✅ Quick Tips: I challenge you to pick one of the tips today in my blog post and try it for your Self! >>> Click here to read my blog post!

☀️ Keeping food simple and delicious…

Food is fuel… That sounds boring for some people right? But it doesn’t have to be – especially if you’re clear about what you like to eat. And you can treat your Self too! In the world of foodie bloggers and Instagram pics of “what I ate in a day”, it’s not hard to feel like what we are eating is not healthy “enough”.

We can’t avoid it, so why not plan ahead instead? Like breathing, we need to eat every day… there is no way around this. Most of us already have routines for when/where we eat and how we shop for food. This is an area that could be made much more simple by planning ahead.

✅ Quick Tips: Here are a few tips to keep your food habits simpler…

  • Buy healthy snacks in advance. Who doesn’t enjoy snacking from time to time… if you make your snacks ahead of time, you’re less likely to pick any old thing that comes your way and may be less healthy.
  • Have plenty of mason jars and food storage boxes at hand. This is the first step to plan your meal times – and save money!
  • Plan and prepare food meals in advance too. Now that you have the storage spaces for your meals, you can write out a list of meals that you can keep in the fridge or freezer to enjoy. My favourites are mason jar salads, packed with protein, veg and tasty dressings.
  • YouTube is your best friend! First, list what ingredients you like on a regular basis. For example: Chickpeas, kale etc…. this will help with researching and adapting meal prep plans. For ideas, I simply type in “budget vegan meal prep” or “mason jar salads” for the search (it doesn’t have to be vegan!) and take time finding ideas, with the ingredients I like, to make easy dishes. There are so many videos to choose from, I like to save the videos in a go-to video list for easy access when I need it. It can be fun and it does save money for things I do love! This is one of my favourite examples…


I hope these tips have inspired you to add healthy minimalist habits into your daily life! ❤️