Barcelona is a wonderful city to explore holistic health. We like to make our locations practical and central for classes and private sessions.

During the hotter seasons of Spring to late Autumn, many of our classes and private sessions take place in outdoor locations.

We start to do our indoor sessions and workshops throughout the year, mainly during the colder months.

Outdoor Classes/Workshops

The wonderful weather and sunshine during most of the year, plus all the green spaces and beach, provides an excellent space to do outdoor activities. During these months, we like to arrange classes in various locations. Private sessions are also hld where the student feels is connected to them.

Various locations – Popular location  Parc de la Ciutadella [See Map]

Indoor Classes/Workshops

Our indoor sessions will be held at Inbody – It’s based right in the heart of the city, number 54Via Laietana, on the 2nd floor, room 105. When you come out of the lift, turn left and to the end of the small corridor where you will see the Inbody sign and room 105 above the door. Ring the bell to open.

Full address: 2º Puerta 205, Via Laietana, 54, 08023 Barcelona [See Map]