Outdoor Yoga Classes In Barcelona (Beach & Park)


We are excited to be starting yoga retreats in Barcelona in 2020. Please join our mailing list on our new website for full details.



🌟 Outdoor Yoga Classes In Barcelona

The beautiful city of Barcelona offers many green spaces to do meditation and yoga.

I offer Kundalini yoga and meditation classes for all levels. Private personal sessions to suit your needs (for 1-to-1 or small group of up to 5 people) are also available. See below for both our open class and private sessions.

When is our next class?



Join our next BCN Yoga Hike up in the hills of Barcelona!

Spring is HERE! We are heading high up and enjoying the wonderful views of the city. Meet people, bring your friends and let’s enjoy nature and outdoor yoga together!

✅ FOR ALL EVENTS – CONFIRMATION IS ESSENTIAL: This helps me with class planning, group sizes and to update you on any changes for the event. If you wish to go to any event, please send a message by Friday night (22:00 at the latest) to my email to confirm that you are coming and if you are bringing a friend/s – My email: terakauryoga@gmail.com. Please also join our Facebook events page below to keep updated on any changes to classes and location.

For full details and updates, please check and join the Facebook events page – See you soon ❤️
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🌟 Private Sessions Available


What I Offer:

Private Chakra Meditation – 1 Hour – €35
A relaxing way to explore how you can use meditation to bring awareness to all your Chakras – Online sessions available too.

Private Kundalini Yoga – 1 Hour – €40
We will design a class to suit your needs and what you want to work on. Complete beginners to yoga welcome! Online sessions available too.
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Private Group Class – For 2-3 People – €65
This is perfect if you want to share with your partner, family members or friends. We will design a class (Kundalini yoga or Chakra meditation) to suit you.

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