Vegetarian & Vegan Travel: Barcelona Declared “Veggie-Friendly” City


I have to admit that this did not come as a surprise because out of many of the cities that I have been to around the world, this city is definitely one of my favourite veg-friendly spots.

From finding fresh food markets, organic shops, to restaurants that cater for vegetarian/vegan meals… this city makes it SO very easy! Exciting news πŸ™‚


Barcelona is declared aΒ veggie-friendlyΒ city!

The City of Barcelona, with government of Barcelona at comΓΊ, approved the proposal of erc to declare the city of Barcelona the first city veg-friendly of the world. The campaign has been driven by the AsociaciΓ³n Animalista LiberaΒ andΒ FundaciΓ³n Franz Weber.

The City will now set in motion a series of actions to disseminate theΒ vegan and vegetarianΒ culture :

1. Commitment to undertake processes of promotion, dissemination and information about the options of consumption vegan and vegetarian.

2. Create a BCN Veg Point – Through the management and municipal associations – as a space for the general information and the encounter of entrepreneurs, NGO’s, consumers and investors with the goal to encourage the small and medium-sized local vegan/vegetarian trade.

3. To publish a vegetarian guide of the city of Barcelona in print and digital formats.

4. Promote an app to inform locals and tourists on vegan and vegetarian trade.

5. Barcelona to adhere to the campaign “Monday without meat” (Meat Free Mondays) – so the food that comes from the city’s administration is vegetarian on Mondays, on a voluntary basis.

6. To communicate this agreement to those public and private bodies concerned.

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